Published: Thu, September 13, 2018
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Apple unveils three new iPhone Xs

Apple unveils three new iPhone Xs

The iPhone X didn't sell as well as analysts anticipated, but fared well enough to help Apple boost the average iPhone selling price by almost 20 percent. All three models include large displays with minimal borders, no home button and the FaceID camera system for unlocking the device using facial recognition.

But here's the big question: is it the one you want to upgrade to?

If you take a look at Xr's price, you still end up paying as much as other Android flagships or even more than smartphones like OnePlus 6 but then comes the Apple factor.

In terms of the iPhone XR release date, you'll be able to pre-order it from September 14, and pick it up in stores from September 21. The new Series 4 model also has an updated optical heart rate sensor that enables users if their heart rate gets too low, and a new electrical heart sensor that can actually take an electrocardiogram while it's on your wrist.

The price of the iPhone XR is something that's going to attract buyers: at $749 it's far more affordable than the iPhone XS, which is taking all the headlines from Apple's launch event. It didn't have the newest iPhone X features like the high-resolution screen or Face ID, but it was also cheaper.

Well, unsurprisingly for a brand that puts such a focus on design (and whose chief designer was flipping knighted) it's not an ugly device in any way. It's got thicker bezels around the screen, the edges aren't made of the same premium-feeling materials, and the back is still glass. The relatively small changes to its lineup, following last year's overhauled iPhone X, were widely expected by investors, who sent the company's shares down 1.5 %. On the iPhone XR, though, the water resistance remains at IP67. To watch online broadcast will be on the official Apple website, only in Safari on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and also through the Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10. It is expected that Apple will launch three iPhone - iPhone XS, XS Plus and iPhone XC - with screens of 5.8, 6.5 and 6.1 inches, respectively.

In the build-up to the iPhone launch, much of the talk was around the screen of the iPhone XR.

Well, it seems that has indeed come to pass, with the new Liquid Retina display that Apple's developed for the model.

Huge Apple website leak confirms new iPhone names and colors
While Android Wear struggles to gain market share among smartwatches, Apples intelligent timepiece has conquered the world. Series 4 of the Apple Watch is also expected to be announced, featuring two versions of the smartwatch.

While AirPods at least showed up on screen, AirPower wasn't mentioned at all.

It's no surprise that Apple would drop the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

The Max has a larger display than the usual Plus size phones but a similar body.

The new XS models come out September 21, while the XR is out October 26. Black2. White1. CoralMissed the Apple event? a href=" " target="_blank" Catch up on everything that happened right here. It works rather nicely, considering it's "faked".

"It is pretty consistent with past iPhone release days where we see short-term sell the news but things will probably get a lot better in the weeks and months ahead, particularly with a strong holiday sales season expected", said Jake Dollarhide, chief executive of Longbow Asset Management. The battery will last an estimated 90 minutes longer than Apple's iPhone 8 Plus, which is very impressive. "Apple seems to be diving into heart disease first, the most common cause of death around the world, making serious moves as a health company". To reach customers not willing to pay that much, Apple will have the iPhone XR.

The new OLED iPhone versions "are so feature packed it really is a great idea to discontinue the iPhone X", he said. But that phone has a 4.7-inch screen, compared with the 4-inch one on the SE.

The apparent discontinuation of the SE is unexpected; the model was popular with consumers looking for a smaller or low-cost iPhone.

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