Published: Mon, September 10, 2018
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GoFundMe: Homeless Veteran To Get Balance Of $400,000 Amid Defrauding Accusations

GoFundMe: Homeless Veteran To Get Balance Of $400,000 Amid Defrauding Accusations

Mark D'Amico and Kate McClure gained viral fame when they started a fundraiser to pay back Johnny Bobbitt, a homeless man who gave $20 to Kate when her vehicle ran out of gas. Authorities were reportedly seen removing bags of items from the residence. A local ABC reporter tweeted that a BMW belonging to the couple was seized.

The pair's home was raided Thursday by the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office on a warrant that included the seizure of their new BMW.

On Thursday, police executed a search warrant at the couple's home, but no charges have been filed, Burlington County Prosecutor Scott A. Coffina said in a statement.

A homeless good Samaritan who claims a New Jersey couple mismanaged the $400,000 they raised for him online will receive all of the funds he's due while the couple is now under criminal investigation.

But then the story took a dark turn, with accusations of mismanagement and outright theft of the money raised on Bobbitt's behalf.

He claims he only received $75,000.

On Wednesday, a Superior Court judge ordered McClure and D'Amico to give sworn testimony about their stewardship of the money in depositions scheduled for Monday.

The judge in the lawsuit also said she wants to speak to the couple about what happened to the funds.

Earlier this week, a lawyer representing Johnny Bobbitt said that all of the money raised through the page was gone. Bobbitt's lawyer, however, said the remaining money is gone, and it is unclear where the rest of the money went.

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According to Philadelphia's WTXF-TV, Bobbitt is in a 30-day treatment program.

The announcement came several hours after authorities had executed a search warrant at the New Jersey, home of Mark D'Amico and Katelyn McClure.

"Until we have a forensic accountant go through it, I can't say that they spent his money".

Before the court order to hand over the money was issued, D'Amico is quoted by The Philadelphia Inquirer as saying he'd rather burn the money in front of Bobbitt rather than give it to him, because he said giving an addict that money would be like "giving him a loaded gun". D'Amico told Bobbitt that he could get the money without it being put in a trust or without any stipulations on how it should be spent.

"Johnny [Bobbitt] will be made whole", GoFundMe said in a statement, "and we're committing that he'll get the balance of the funds that he has not yet received or benefited from".

GoFundMe has promised that homeless veteran Johnny Bobbitt will receive the remainder of the donations owed to him.

I was thinking about this story yesterday while taking care of some chores around the house and it struck me that the tale of Johnny Bobbitt and Katie McClure is becoming more and more like The Truman Show. D'Amico told the newspaper he had indeed used $500 from the bank account to gamble on a night when he forgot his Sugarhouse Casino card but had "quickly repaid" the money with his winnings.

Initially, GoFundMe gave Bobbitt $20,000 so that he wasn't penniless while the details of the case were emerging. The couple's lawyer, Ernest E. Badway, has said Bobbitt got $200,000 total.

While the police investigation plays out, GoFundMe has set aside $20,000 in an account to help the homeless man, Whithorne added.

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