Published: Thu, September 06, 2018
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Labour must adopt internationally agreed definition of anti-Semitism - Brown

Labour must adopt internationally agreed definition of anti-Semitism - Brown

Labour MPs are said to be poised to hold another vote of no confidence in Mr Corbyn's leadership, according to the Sunday Times.

Labour and its current leader Jeremy Corbyn have been beset by antisemitism scandals since he took the helm of the party in 2015.

But in a TV interview yesterday, Lord Sacks insisted Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn must also "recant and repent" over remarks regarding Zionism which he claimed risked engulfing the United Kingdom "in the flames of hatred".

Corbyn, has come under prolonged attack for refusing to adopt fully the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism in Labour's new code of conduct.

Former Prime Minister Gordon brown called on the opposition labour party to adopt the agreed global definition of anti-Semitism.

"Corbyn has got a problem to deal with and the problem is he is the problem", she said.

Veteran Labour lawmaker Frank Field, who has sat in the House of Commons for nearly 40 years, quit the party's group in parliament Thursday over the mounting anti-Semitism allegations.

He has also been accused of allowing anti-Semitism to spread in the left-wing party.

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Contrary to media reports and suggestions from some MPs, the party's national executive committee [NEC] did adopt the IHRA definition as well as an amended version of the contemporary examples.

Labour's decision not to back the IHRA's decision has led the Jewish Chronicle, Jewish News and Jewish Telegraph to publish the same front page editorial in July in which they said a Corbyn-led government would pose an "existential threat to Jewish life" in Britain.

She said the NEC must adopt the full IHRA definition and all its examples "and then begin taking firm disciplinary action against all those who commit anti-Semitic acts and bring the party into disrepute by denying the problem".

"Jews have been in Britain since 1656, I know of no other occasion in these 362 years when Jews. are asking "is this country safe to bring up our children", he told the BBC.

Asked by Jonathan Freedland whether, if Labour passed the IHRA definition in full, with no caveats, that the antisemitism issue would be over, Dame Margaret said: "I think the moment has passed".

A Labour Party official who suggested Jewish "Trump fanatics" were behind accusations of anti-Semitism in Labour ranks has been re-elected to the party's ruling body.

Several of IHRA's additional examples link directly to the state of Israel, raising concern from Labour activists who believe the Israeli state - established in 1948 through the forced eviction of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and which has taken ever-more Palestinian land in each year since then, in direct contravention of worldwide law - to be racist, and wonder whether expressing that view in future will lead to expulsion or censorship.

There had been a parliamentary meeting on the night before the vote, she said, which Labour were losing, but "Jeremy Corbyn didn't bother to come to the meeting".

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