Published: Wed, September 05, 2018
Tech | By Constance Martin

Samsung will unveil its foldable smartphone in two months

Samsung will unveil its foldable smartphone in two months

If Samsung shows off its foldable phone this year, it may encourage some potential iPhone buyers to hold off.

The experience of using a foldable phone, Koh says should be different from how consumers use a tablet and would need to do something better.

The company could unveil it in November at the Samsung Developer Conference.

Koh added that "every device, every feature, every innovation should have a meaningful message" to its customers.

The handset has been codenamed "winner" - a good omen, perhaps? - although, as per previous reports, it'll more likely be called "Galaxy X" on release.

This time around, however, Samsung can't afford to postpone the phone again, as Huawei is equally interested in announcing a foldable of its own.

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Samsung is not the only manufacturer which plans to launch a foldable phone this year; Chinese smartphone manufacturer is also working on its foldable smartphone.

Samsung is switching its usual strategy of delivering the latest and greatest technology to its flagship Galaxy S phones first, before the features trickle down to its mid-range devices.

Samsung has been toying with the idea of bendable OLED displays for years and even demoed a prototype back in 2012. The device allegedly has a 7.3-inch foldable display panel.

He further revealed that users will be able to do most of the tasks when the tablet is in the folded state but they will have to unfold it for browsing or seeing something else.

Koh's new strategy is to focus on millennials who can not afford the latest flagship but still want a device packed with meaningful innovation.

While Koh didn't go into specifics about the device, he did boast that it would wow consumers and that anyone who uses the device will immediately understand why Samsung made it. By introducing cutting edge technology to mid-tier models first rather than reserving it for the high-end smartphones.

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