Published: Mon, August 27, 2018
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Kalashnikov Unveils CV-1 Electric 'Supercar' To Rival Tesla

Kalashnikov Unveils CV-1 Electric 'Supercar' To Rival Tesla

This technology will allow us to stand in line with the world's electric vehicle manufacturers, like Tesla, and compete with them.

Kalashnikov told Russian state news agency RIA Novosti that the CV-1 would allow it to compete with electric carmakers such as Tesla.

The company says the design of the auto takes inspiration from a hatchback created back in the 1970s.

Kalashnikov is best known for inventing the AK-47 machine gun, but they have just revealed a creation tackling Elon Musk's Tesla's retro looking electric "super car" The Russian arms-maker, Kalashnikov, presented their rare-1970's-inspired auto on 23 July.

Kalashnikov's CV-1 EV prototype has a retro design that echoes the Soviet Union's Izh-Kombi, a vehicle popular in the 1970s.

Russian armament company Kalashnikov, best known as the inventor and manufacturer of the AK 47 automatic rifle, has announced they want become Russia's Tesla with the introduction of an electric concept auto.

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It appeared as part of Kalashnikov's latest offerings at the Army 2018 International Military Technology Forum in Moscow. The company added that is has added a "revolutionary inverter" in the vehicle that will allow it to cover about 350km in one single charge.

It is also noted that on 7 August, the founder of Tesla have published several reports about the possible withdrawal of the company from the stock exchange in his microblog on Twitter.

CV-1 met with mixed reactions in Moscow, with social media users taking to Kalashnikov's Facebook page to express their views on Russia's answer to Tesla, with some making fun of it and calling it "Zombie like" while others praised it for its cool appearance. Tesla's newest affordable sedan, the Model 3, has a 220-mile range and a long-range battery that reaches 310 miles. CV-1 is based on retroceso "IZH-Kombi" and a "bench test" of complex technologies.

Kalashnikov Concern has diversified the brand in recent years to produce clothes and boats.

While Kalashnikov will probably be keeping the details on its new project under wraps until the time is right, the Internet is having a blast with its prototype unveiling.

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