Published: Fri, August 10, 2018
Tech | By Constance Martin

Dota 2 : 'Artificial intelligence' makes a record by defeating human players

Dota 2 : 'Artificial intelligence' makes a record by defeating human players

In some ways the AI was expected to win given the five neural networks it uses clocked the equivalent of 180 years work of Dota 2 gaming every day - we know there are hardcore players out their clocking thousands upon thousands of hours of the game, but that pales in comparison to the amount of practice an AI can simulate.

In order to make the game manageable for AI bots, the game was tweaked a bit. Apparently, the five-on-five bot team has been in development all year, but this was the first true competition against real professionals. Game Two was similarly one-sided, although the humans did manage to at least take one tower.

Speaking of tech getting better, an elite Dota 2 team of three former pros, one current pro, and a play-by-play commentator recently took on five artificial intelligence bots in the game at an event in San Francisco, with the humans being beaten by the AI collective, 2-1. In this situation, skill didn't really come into play as much, as the well-crafted lineup from the humans simply out-matched the poorly picked OpenAI, and it was the only victory that any group managed to take against them.

In the Benchmark match itself, a new OpenAI Five capability was revealed - drafting, something that is considered an extremely challenging part of Dota, since heroes interact with each other in complex ways. The match even opened with a declariton from OpenAI, "We estimate the probability of winning to be above 95%".

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In the first match, the AI steamrolled the humans in just 21 minutes.

Given that OpenAI Five had already won, for game 3 the audience was invited to draft OpenAI Five's heros and chose an adversarial lineup that was described as "fairly Looney-Tunes". This was a best-of-three against a team of 99.95th percentile Dota players: Blitz, Cap, Fogged, Merlini, and MoonMeander - four of whom had played Dota professionally - in front of a live audience and 100,000 concurrent livestream viewers.

OpenAI's initiatives with Dota 2 began in March previous year.

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