Published: Wed, August 08, 2018
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Bachelorette Becca Kufrin picks her man and Bachelor Nation does not approve

Bachelorette Becca Kufrin picks her man and Bachelor Nation does not approve

But I'm going for the one that I can't see myself without.

Okay, we get it!

Yrigoyen, who beat out runner-up Blake Horstmann on Monday night's "Bachelorette" finale, made headlines early-on during the season when his past Instagram activity came to light, revealing a history of liking controversial Instagram posts, including images and memes that mocked liberal women, trans people, undocumented immigrants, and Parkland high school students.

Check out our past interviews with Becca and the stars of Bachelor Nation below! Even Becca's rhetoric is couched to respond to the soul mate aspect - "I got to see who he is, his heart, his soul" - while letting her completely avoid the beliefs in question.

During season 14 of "The Bachelorette", Colton told Bachelorette Becca Kufrin that he'd previously gone on a date with her friend and former "Bachelor" castmate, Tia, but said there was no spark there.

"That's sort of why I'm anxious, why I'm nervous", he said.

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Kufrin, 28, said it was hard to see the negativity surrounding the man she's in love with while they were keeping their engagement a secret so the show could play out. "At his core, he's a good guy". Mid-answer, Garrett channels his inner Dug from Up by pointing out a pod of dolphins in the water. He basically blamed his ex-wife, saying he was taught not to be a quitter - but shortly after they tied the knot, there was a "big blowout" between her and his family.

"Some stuff came out about my social media and I didn't realize the affect behind a double-tap or a like on Instagram, so I put out an apology". But all I could ask for is somebody who owns up to what they've done and who apologizes and wants to grow. The resemblance left many unsettled and seemed to take the shine off what was otherwise an uplifting finale (though not a surprising one, as Garrett was pegged as the frontrunner for months). "She's gonna pick Garrett", he mumbled to the camera, in a moment of clarity. Blake then gets edited to make it look like he is going into a deep, dark spiral about Becca's feelings for him. I knew that you'd be there and you'd be a partner to me - and a teammate. She lets him give his speech and when he asks her, "Will you let me spend the rest of my life making you smile?"

Becca leaves behind two sweaty footprints on the dock when they walk away, revealing that she was barefoot because she just couldn't find the right pair of shoes to match her atrocious mermaid dress.

"It feels like a bit of home with you", she said. And there was someone else that she couldn't live without. "So I stand by everything that I posted in my apology, and I'm just trying to grow as a person, be a better person on a daily basis", Yrigoyen said.

Blake instantly fell apart.

"I think if I were to go back a second time, it would be completely different and hopefully more worthwhile", she said. I know it wasn't in a checked bag and that's way too much real estate for a carry-on.

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