Published: Tue, August 07, 2018
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Trump says his son sought information on Clinton from Russians

Trump says his son sought information on Clinton from Russians

According to the Washington Post, a White House advisor, speaking on the condition of anonymity, has stated that President Trump has told friends and fellow advisors that he is fearful that his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., may have put himself in legal jeopardy.

"Well, the question is, 'How would it be illegal?'" Sekulow said of the meeting. "Nobody's pointed to one".

The first is that Trump appears to have broken some new ground here when it comes to admitting the true objective of the Trump Tower meeting with a Kremlin-aligned lawyer - and even further contradicted the initial statement he helped draft about it. She also posited that the president's claim on Twitter that he was not aware of the Trump Tower meeting could be inessential to Mueller's probe in the light of the "false" statement from past year that claimed the meeting's objective was to discuss the adoption of Russian children.

Trump's admission that his son's 2016 Russian meeting was to get information on Clinton runs counter to the narrative he has previously pushed about the meeting.

"I wasn't involved in the statement drafting at all, nor was the president", Sekulow claimed in July 2017.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied allegations by US intelligence agencies that his government meddled and Trump denies collusion, describing the Mueller investigation as a political witch hunt that should be shut down. Trump's legal team defended the statement as "short but accurate" in a letter sent to Mueller in January, as quoted in the New York Times.

And they said Trump Jr., Kushner and White House staffers had made a "full disclosure" about that session to Mueller and Congress.

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It is not the first time the president acknowledged the existence of the meeting using this line of defense, but it is the president's most blunt admission that the objective was to obtain damaging information against his then opponent, Hillary Clinton, in the presidential election.

US President Donald Trump has yet again tweeted about his personal legal issues in a way he perhaps shouldn't have. Any legal battle over whether the president can be compelled to testify could go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, the lawyer, Jay Sekulow, said on ABC's "This Week".

"I don't represent Don Jr.", Sekulow said, "but I will tell you I have no knowledge at all of Don Jr. being told that he's a target of any investigation, and I have no knowledge of him being interviewed by the special counsel".

President Trump is back at his resort in Bedminster, New Jersey, and this morning he released another flurry of tweets, including one about his son Don Jr.

The president also doubled down on his attacks against the media, saying they are the "Enemy of the People". "They can also cause War!"

He called the "Fake" media "very risky and sick". Mueller was appointed to take over the probe after the firing.

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