Published: Tue, August 07, 2018
Tech | By Constance Martin

Google Pixel 3 Devices To Arrive On October 4, Ad Suggests

Google Pixel 3 Devices To Arrive On October 4, Ad Suggests

It's as we feared: The Galaxy Note 9 will be launched after Android 9.0 has been released, though it's not like this isn't something we expect every year when a new Note flagship arrives.

Rotation: Get more control over your phone's display rotation with a simple button that confirms when you'd like to change the rotation on your device - even when your orientation is locked.

The new recent apps.

As for Google's OEM partners that participated in the Android P beta, they will have to wait a bit longer to deliver the final release of the operating system to supported devices.

Google has launched the latest version of Android - Android 9. Apple's also worked on something along these lines, and Google has to follow suit now that some people are calling smartphones addictive.

"And it comes with a heaping helping of artificial intelligence baked in to make your phone smarter, simpler and more tailored to you". The fact that its co-founder is also one of Android's creator helps too. "The Pixel 3 phone is launching October 4th, 2018".

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Google explained: "Say it's Tuesday morning and you're preparing for your commute: you'll be suggested actions like navigating to work on Google Maps or resuming an audiobook with Google Play Books".

If you don't recall, Google announced during this year's Google I/O that as part of an initiative surrounding digital wellbeing, it made a new platform that would be available inside of its next version of Android.

Another new feature is Adaptive Brightness, which learns "how you like to set the brightness in different settings, and does it for you".

This fall, Google will also roll out a feature called Slices, which will show relevant info from your apps when you want it. According to the developers, Android can now learn from your usage habits to determine which apps you use the most. The digital wellness features are all still in beta, and won't be included when you get the update.

If you need additional help to stop looking at your phone so much, there's a revamped "do not disturb" mode, as well as something called "wind down", which will automatically turn your phone's display to grayscale when you're getting ready to go to sleep.

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