Published: Sun, August 05, 2018
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European heatwave warning: where is affected and what are the temperatures?

European heatwave warning: where is affected and what are the temperatures?

Parts of Portugal have already recorded temperatures of around 47C, while parts of Spain have reached 44C before the worst of the heatwave has even arrived.

Met Office forecaster Bonnie Diamond added: 'The intensity and duration of the heat in Spain and Portugal will likely have impacts on tourists, who may not be acclimatised to such high temperatures'. The country went on high alert in an effort to prevent a repeat of the worst fires in history past year, which killed 114 people.

More than 700 firefighters are battling a major wildfire in southern Portugal's Algarve region, as parts of Europe continue to swelter. The government says only about 15 percent of the 10-year average area has been charred so far this year. The dust gave the sky a dark yellow hue in some places.

Across the Iberian Peninsula in Barcelona, where the stifling air barely stirred during the night, Spaniards took to the beach with families and friends, along with swarms of sweating tourists.

Meteorologists in Granada, Spain, recorded temperatures of 46.6C (115.52F), just shy of the hottest European temperature on record, 48C in Athens in 1977.

In Spain, heat warnings were also issued for 41 of the country's 50 provinces as temperatures were expected to reach up to 44 degrees Celsius.

A Europe-wide heatwave in recent weeks has seen drought and wildfires across the continent.

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Portugal and Spain endured scorching sunshine on a day which seriously threatened to break a 30-year European heat record.

But as the weekend approaches, thermometers are forecast to exceed 30C in parts of southern England as high pressure takes charge, locking in the hot weather. Supermarket chain Morrisons has begun selling "wonky" flowers that have not developed properly.

Tourism operators, such as Thomas Cook and Alltours, were quoted by German news agency DPA as saying that last-minute bookings for the Mediterranean are down, as holidaymakers seek out cooler temperatures on the North Sea and Baltic coastlines.

In eastern Europe, Poland endured unusually high temperatures up to 34 degrees Celsius (93.2 Fahrenheit), forcing its power plants to go into emergency mode to increase output due to the wide use of air conditioning and electric fans.

The long, hot summer has been so consistent that it has put a strain on German breweries, who have sold so much beer that there is a bottle shortage - bouncing back from record low sales past year.

Areas along the Hampshire and Dorset coast, such as Gosport, are most likely to feel the heat on Saturday, while the hottest areas on Sunday are expected to be around London and stretching north to the Midlands.

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