Published: Fri, August 03, 2018
Global Media | By Garry Long

Vivek Oberoi urges people not to do the 'Kiki challenge'

Vivek Oberoi urges people not to do the 'Kiki challenge'

Drawing flak for taking up the "Kiki challenge" despite police warning, a Kannada reality show contestant and a film actor on Thursday appealed to their supporters not to perform risky stunts on roads.

However, the well-meaning advice turned out to be a nightmare for a family in Kochi.

Actor Vivek Anand Oberoi has urged everyone to not do the Kiki challenge as it can claim innocent lives.

Though not as deadly as the Blue Whale Challenge, the Kiki challenge does have the potential to cause damage to the limbs of the gullible. The police issued the notification following Rizwana's viral video.

In the challenge, people dance on Drakes In My Feelings song outside a moving auto, while the driver films it, generally on crowded roads. The teen from Bettendorf, Iowa, was trying to complete the challenge last week when she jumped out of a moving auto.

They had very few three-pointers to speak of; in other words, they were the opposite of what the NBA is supposed to be today. In fact, not only do they have deficiencies, but they do not even have the tools or resources to resolve those deficiencies.

At the same time, city police have issued stern warning to people against indulging in Kiki dance, of strict legal action, pointing out that this type of dance is forbidden. The official Twitter handle tweeted, "Dance on the floors, not on the roads!" Right now cops in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, UP and Jaipur are cautioning people against falling for the trend.

The Uttar Pradesh police also shared a video showing what could happen if the challenge goes wrong. However, Koepe says that parents need to talk to their children about safe driving practices, "I think they need to talk to their kids about not leaving the safety of their vehicle, the safest place you can be on the road is in your auto".

"Please don't get involved or become part of kiki challenge as it is harmful to yourself".

As the Internet dance craze grows in popularity, police around the world are warning of its dangers and say participants caught doing it could face fines of up to $1000 and possible criminal charges, according to The Guardian. Seemingly inspired by Drake's song, American comedian Shiggy posted a video in June doing the dance.

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