Published: Wed, August 01, 2018
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‘Venom’ trailer: Watch Tom Hardy’s transformation

‘Venom’ trailer: Watch Tom Hardy’s transformation

The trailer even tells you directly: "The world has enough superheroes".

Venom will hail from Sony's Marvel Universe of characters and will not be a spinoff of the current Marvel Cinematic Universe, wherein Sony allows Spider-Man to be played by Tom Holland.

With the release of the latest trailer, we know a bit more about what's going on in this movie, including who is playing the symbiotic villain towards the end of the video.

An all-new trailer for the Tom Hardy-starring Venom debuted this morning, taking social media by storm.

There's also a huge fight between Venom and another symbiote.

When the first trailer dropped back in February, fans were upset at the clear lack of the title character. Subsequent symbiotes born of Venom maintained the look as it is one of the coolest designs in comics. This calls for the equally inevitable trailer breakdown, and with the Ruben Fleischer film having already been rather open regarding its use of the Lethal Protector story-arc from the comics, it's getting easier to piece together the story by the day. Besides the un-infused symbiotes we see in the lab, there are quick glimpses of an EMT becoming infused with a light gray symbiote. It looks like Riz Ahmed's villain will suit up as Riot, so get ready to watch two differently colored CGI globs go at each other. "A planet on the brink of collapse". That gives him superpowers but also turns him into a slime monster with a really gross, long tongue.

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The first teaser of Sony's Venom was amazingly disappointing.

The reveal of Riot being thrilling, of course, yet still somehow overshadowed by the memorable dialogue of the new trailer.

"Eyes, lungs, pancreas... so many snacks".

On the plus side, at least the word symbiote was correctly pronounced in this trailer.

Though this new trailer does show us some footage that we've seen before, there's plenty that's new.

Despite the face-chomping and extinction-rhetoric of his symbiote cohort, Eddie unnervingly suggests that his newfound power might not be all that bad.

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