Published: Wed, August 01, 2018
Global Media | By Garry Long

India leaves 4 million off Assam citizens' list, triggers fear

India leaves 4 million off Assam citizens' list, triggers fear

Mr Singh said, it is asensitive issue which should not be politicised.

More than 4 million people were excluded from a draft list of citizens released on Monday by a census official for India's northeastern border state of Assam, in a long-running campaign against immigrants, sparking uncertainty about their future.

Jiauddin, who is native of a Rangiya in Kamrup district in Assam, said, "When we tried to search the NRC database for the legacy database, we could not find our grandfather's name".

"First, let this process be completed and then we will decide what to do", he said, adding that there were different steps and all the steps could not be made public now. He said he was devastated to see families separated and people kept in "jails" indefinitely, some of them over many years.

"This can't be tolerated and that's why India needs a change, and the change must come in 2019, for the betterment of the people of this country", Banerjee said at an event in New Delhi.

The government said the draft was not meant to drive people out and those not on the list would be able to reapply in a process overseen by India's Supreme Court. He said, "What we are releasing today is a draft".

The NRC office, however, told the Supreme Court this month that 150,000 people from the first list, a third of them married women, would be dropped from the next one, mainly because they provided false information or gave inadmissible documents. Congress leader P Chidambaram has said the same.

Congress member Gaurav Gogoi also asked whether all the 40 lakh people in the National Registry of Citizens were foreigners.

Not satisfied withHome Minister's reply, the opposition members including Congress, Left, TMC, RJD and SP staged a walkout from the House.

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"On one hand, Amit Shah and Co. seek fake credit for National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam and on the other hand, the Narendra Modi government brings in the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, both of which are contrarian in spirit of one another".

"There are grave reasons for concern that those without proper documentation will be targeted, ' she said, warning that 'India should not become another Myanmar or United States".

The final draft included only 28.9 million applicants, out of the state's population of 32.9 million.

India's Election Commission introduced the concept of "D" voters in 1997 under which a person's citizenship rights are stripped.

Claiming that the draft NRC is completely "impartial", the Home Minister had assured the residents whose names were not included that they do not need to panic over the same as they will get an opportunity to prove their Indian citizenship. For you, vote bank politics was important.

"This divide and rule policy will finish the country", she told a press conference in Kolkata and alleged it was a "gameplan" to isolate and "throw out of the state" Bengali speaking people and Biharis.

The unabated influx of Bangladeshis has also reportedly put the identity of the indigenous people of Assam under threat.

To be recognized as Indian citizens, all residents of Assam had to produce documents proving that they or their families lived in the country before March 24, 1971.

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