Published: Sun, July 29, 2018
Global Media | By Garry Long

Drug cartel puts price on dog's head after cocaine bust

Drug cartel puts price on dog's head after cocaine bust

"Our German shepherd, Sombra, has participated in nearly 300 operations", Col. Tito Castellanos, the deputy director for the anti-narcotics police, told Colombian news agency RCN.

A Colombian drug gang has out a $70,000 bounty on a police dog.

Reports on the bounty's size vary between 20 and 200 million Colombian pesos (between $9540 and 94,124 in Australian dollars).

The Gulf Clan - one of Colombia's most powerful cartels, even boasting its own guerrilla army - has put out a $7,000 reward for whoever kills or captures the savvy hound.

Now, she's hanging out in the Bogotá worldwide airport instead, where the Urabeños hopefully can't get to her. BBC says Sombra, which means Shadow in English, is also being accompanied by additional officers rather than just her handler.

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To ensure Sombra's safety, the police have moved her to Bogota International Airport, which is considered relatively safer than the Urabenos heartland where the dog was previously deployed.

After her six hour shift is over, Sombra is transported in a van with tinted windows back to her kennel.

A year ago marked a major success for the country's police, which seized a staggering 12 tons of cocaine linked to Colombia's Gulf Clan, estimated to be worth around $360 million.

According to police officials, Sombra's work has led to the seizure of nine tons of cocaine and the arrest of 245 suspects.

While Colombia continues to try to shake off its reputation as the cocaine capital of the world, it seems Sombra's work is dearly needed, with the South American country producing more of the drug than ever before. But the use of police officers and dogs on the ground still plays a big part in the country's war on drugs. So to put a $70,000 price on Sombra's head shows how much the notorious gang fears one dog, police said.

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