Published: Fri, July 27, 2018
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All-star line-up: Blood moon eclipse and a Mars fly-by

All-star line-up: Blood moon eclipse and a Mars fly-by

On December 26 next year, people in Brunei will be experien-cing a partial solar eclipse when the moon passes in front of the Sun.

The totality of this lunar eclipse will last about anhour and 43 minutes, but a partial eclipse before and after the total phase means the moon will spend almost four hours crossing the Earth's shadow.

Stardome Observatory astronomy educator Josh Kirkley said New Zealanders wanting to see the blood moon should get a clear view of the western horizon and keep their eyes peeled from 6.25am until the moon sets at 7.20am.

Although there are expected to be 230 lunar eclipses this century, Friday's will be the longest.

And the entire partial eclipse will last more than four hours as it rises on Friday and into Saturday.

Mr Scagell said: "You may see this very eerie-looking deep-red moon rising".

The Guardian had reported that Nigeria and most other parts of the world would on July 27, 2018 experience blood moon- a spectacular total lunar eclipse.

Unlike a solar eclipse‚ this is safe to watch with the naked eye.

"All you have to do is... go outside!" the Royal Astronomical Society in London advises. The Earth's shadow appears red because of its atmosphere.

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All-star line-up: Blood moon eclipse and a Mars fly-by

The moon appears red (rather than in complete darkness) due to blue light from the earth's atmosphere refracting sunlight onto the surface of the moon. The Earth orbits, or goes around, the sun.

The last time Mars was bigger and brighter than this was in 2003, when it was less than 56 million kilometres away from Earth.

"We have a rare and interesting conjunction of phenomena", Pascal Descamps, an astronomer with the Paris Observatory, told AFP. As an extra gift, Mars will also be at its brightest, accounting for two red lights in the sky.

It will also be seen perfectly in Africa and in Asia, and partly in Australia and in South America.

The red moon phenomenon, also called a Blood Moon or Luna Rossa, is possible because, while the moon is in total shadow, some light from the sun passes through the Earth's atmosphere and is bent toward the moon.

The reason we don't get eclipses every month is because the moon orbits Earth on a slightly inclined plane of five degrees.

Dr Emily Brunsden, director of the University of York's Astrocampus, added that this eclipse was a "micro blood moon". During this week's lunar eclipse, however, the moon will pass close to middle of the disk. The umbral (first) phase will begin at 11.54 pm IST, when the Earth will cast its shadow on the Moon.

As you would expect, the shadow of the Earth looks like a disk. As a effect, it will also appear to be the biggest and brightest in the last 15 years.

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