Published: Tue, July 24, 2018
Sports | By Brett Lawson

Viral Cubs fan reportedly helped kid get foul ball earlier

Viral Cubs fan reportedly helped kid get foul ball earlier

So, in the end, a Cubs fan got a great memory and the Cubs got a great win over an arch rival, defeating the Cardinals 7-2.

The video was tweeted on Major League Baseball's Cut4 twitter account with the words, "When going to a baseball game, DON'T be this guy".

According to Twitter, the little boy left the game with two baseballs, one from the Cubs and another from the adult fan.

"In fact, the man gave several balls to children in the same section and his wife as an anniversary present".

A couple of Cubs fans are getting a lot of slack for breaking one of the unwritten rules of baseball: Never steal a ball from a little kid! That "should take care of it", the team wrote.

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It turns out, what TV cameras didn't show was the same man had given that boy a foul ball earlier in the game, and had given a couple more away to other kids.

Kaplan says he spoke to the fan sitting next to the man who got the foul ball.

While this new info certainly puts the adult Cubs fan in a better light, he still took a ball that was intended for a child and gave it away. Instead of handing it back to the kid, the man gave it to the woman next to him.

So, THIS happened at yesterday's Chicago Cubs game. But in the photos the Cubs tweeted, the boy had two baseballs.

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