Published: Tue, July 24, 2018
Global Media | By Garry Long

Intelligence chief says on-stage laugh not meant as disrespect to Trump

Intelligence chief says on-stage laugh not meant as disrespect to Trump

US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin shake hands during last week's summit.

Under pressure from Congress, which a year ago passed a tough sanctions law targeting Russia, the US Treasury in April imposed sanctions on Russian officials and oligarchs for election meddling and "malign" activities.

Toomey also aggressively attacked Putin, calling him a "bad actor" who should be treated as an global pariah.

Graham, citing the president's top intelligence chief Dan Coats, said that the "red light is blinking" and that he needs to "sit down with Congress and the administration and you lead this nation to hardening the 2018 election process before it's too late".

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, is urging President Trump to safeguard the USA election process ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, telling the president to "lead this nation to make sure the 2018 election is protected". White House press secretary Sarah Sanders claimed later in the day that Trump was saying "no" to answering additional questions.

Gowdy also went on to offer President Trump some advice: concluding "that Russian Federation interfered with us ... does not delegitimize your presidency".

Trump, in his press conference comments, also gave credence to Putin's denials of Russian efforts to subvert USA politics and did not stand up the contrary findings of his administration's top intelligence officials. Among Democrats, 78 percent disapprove of what Trump said about US intelligence findings, as do 59 percent of independents. "Because it is all a big hoax, that's why", Trump wrote. Self-identified "moderates" are particularly negative, with 64 percent disapproving of how Trump handled the meeting, almost as high as 73 percent among liberals.

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More than half of Republicans approve of Trump's handling of Russian Federation, but only 26% of all voters feel the same way, according to the poll.

Democratic Senate leader opposes more meetings between USA and Russian Federation until summit details are known.

Following the two leaders' summit in Helsinki, Trump previously said they discussed a range of issues, including efforts to denuclearize North Korea, the Middle East peace efforts and cyber attacks but has not given any details.

Trump called the Mueller probe "a disgrace to America".

The findings indicate that while Trump was judged critically for his summit performance, the event has not yet proved to be a significant turning point in his presidency.

In contrast to many surveys about the president and politics, the Helsinki poll produced only modest gender differences.

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