Published: Sat, July 21, 2018
Medicine | By Daryl Nelson

Man dies after eating bad oyster in Florida

Man dies after eating bad oyster in Florida

In Florida, 71-year-old man ate raw oysters and 2 days later died from a flesh-eating bacteria.

Michael Drennon, the Sarasota County Health Department's Disease Intervention Services Program Manager said that the man, who ate the raw oysters, reportedly did not have any exposure to sea water but fell sick due to the bacteria and passed away. In 2016, Manatee County had two cases, while Sarasota County had three cases and one fatality.

The restaurant where the oyster was served was not immediately identified.

The most common symptoms of Vibrio vulnificus infection include diarrhea as well as vomiting which can get worse and can reach to a point where the patient needs to get hospitalised. The bacterium dwells in warm, brackish seawater and can cause serious illness, especially in people with certain underlying conditions. "We tell everybody regardless of age or immune status that they should avoid eating raw or undercooked shell fish or seafood or avoid or being in the salt water when they have an open wound or lesion on their body", Drennon said.

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"The summer time, May, June July there are no R's in there the water's warmer so the bacteria that's potentially hazardous to some people is more prevalent", Alton said. In rare cases, the bacteria can become "flesh eating disease".

Oysters, clams, and mussels need to be cooked thoroughly since infection may be contracted through consumption of undercooked shellfish.

While Vibrio vulnificus is sometimes known as 'flesh-eating bacteria, ' the label is misleading because humans with healthy skin are not at risk. People with weakened immune systems are more at risk. In 2017, there were two cases and also no fatalities.

This is the first confirmed case of a Vibrio vulnificus infection in Sarasota in 2018, according to a Florida Department of Health statistic.

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