Published: Fri, July 13, 2018
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Federal Bureau of Investigation agent: My work has never been tainted by political bias

Federal Bureau of Investigation agent: My work has never been tainted by political bias

"Agent Strzok had Hillary Clinton winning the White House before he finished investigating her", said Rep. Trey Gowdy, Republican chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

The hearing exposed clear partisan divides in the House judiciary and oversight committees, as Democrats accused Republicans of trying to divert attention from Trump's ties to Russian Federation through an excessive focus on Strzok.

At that point, Rep.

The hearing was punctuated by chaos and yelling as Goodlatte said Strzok needed to answer Republicans' questions and suggested they might recess the hearing and hold him in contempt. Democrats objected to Goodlatte's repeated attempts to get Strzok to answer.

After Mr Strzok said he'd appreciate the chance to explain, the chair of the House Government Oversight Committee shot back: "I don't give a damn what you appreciate, agent Strzok". Strzok said the messages were in response to Trump's attacks on the family of a fallen Muslim war hero. While Republicans badgered Strzok and tried to catch him off-guard, Democrats mostly used their time to argue for the importance of the Mueller investigation.

"I can assure you Mr. Chairman, at no time in any of these texts did those personal beliefs ever enter into the realm of any action I took". "Leave the special counsel alone to do his job".

Peter Strzok appeared today before a joint session of the House Oversight and Judiciary committees.

Meanwhile, across the Potomac River in Alexandria, Virginia, former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort arrived at his new jail facility, as he awaits the first of two trials on charges of money laundering, illegal foreign lobbying and obstruction of justice.

"How can the Rigged Witch Hunt proceed when it was started, influenced and worked on, for an extended period of time, by former FBI Agent/Lover Peter Strzok?".

Trump has regularly taken to Twitter to blast Strzok and Page. "There is simply no evidence of bias in my professional actions".

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"As House Judiciary Republicans spend half the day or longer publicly flogging Peter Strzok", wrote Wheeler, "know that all that flogging can not change the fact that key evidence in Mueller's possession, evidence which I suspect implicates the president directly, has absolutely no tie to Peter Strzok at all".

This included questions about the text messages he exchanged with FBI attorney Lisa Page that raised concerns of political bias in the investigations of Hillary Clinton's emails and Trump campaign ties to Russian efforts to interfere with the 2016 election. Right?!" - to which Strzok answered, "No. Strzok: "No ... we'll stop it".

An embattled Federal Bureau of Investigation agent whose anti-Trump text messages exposed the Justice Department to claims of institutional bias launched a vigorous defense Thursday at an extraordinary congressional hearing that devolved into shouting matches, finger-pointing and veiled references to personal transgressions.

But then Gohmert accused Strzok of lying, and the Democratic lawmakers intervened, demanding the Texas Republican withdraw his unproven assertion.

"As I head out to a very important North Atlantic Treaty Organisation meeting, I see that FBI Lover/Agent Lisa Page is dodging a Subpoena & is refusing to show up and testify".

Page served as the chief legal adviser to the FBI's then-deputy director, Andrew McCabe.

Strzok noted that he sent text messages critical of other 2016 candidates including Sen.

Strzok worked on FBI investigations into both Clinton's use of an email server and potential co-ordination between Russian Federation and Trump's campaign.

Blitzer: And it's a very tough case Jim Sciutto to make when we know that Robert Mueller, the special counsel, fired him after learning about all these texts.

Trump has repeatedly belittled Strzok publicly.

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