Published: Tue, July 10, 2018
Global Media | By Garry Long

BREXIT BREAKDOWN: UK Foreign Minister QUITS, Theresa May Facing REVOLT

BREXIT BREAKDOWN: UK Foreign Minister QUITS, Theresa May Facing REVOLT

May's proposals for a future European Union relationship after Britain departs from the bloc next March had taken two years of internal government wrangling to agree, but within 48 hours Johnson and Davis had resigned saying they could not back the plans.

As the threat of a leadership contest looms for Theresa May following the sudden resignation of Brexit Secretary David Davis, political commentators and MPs have reacted differently to the new blow to the Tory government.

At a Cabinet meeting Friday, May demanded members support a plan for Brexit that it would include Britain partly remaining in the single market and signing up to a "common rulebook" for goods.

May defended her Brexit plan to lawmakers in the House of Commons on Monday, with Johnson absent from his usual place on the Conservative front bench. Jacob Rees-Mogg, who leads a bloc of Brexit-supporting Conservative MPs in Parliament, urged May to give up on the plan.

If May survives the domestic political turmoil, she still has to convince European Union leaders that her proposals can work.

In his resignation letter, Johnson wrote: "Brexit should be about opportunity and hope".

In case you missed it, Davis resigned late on Sunday night in protest at the prime minister's vision for Brexit which keeps more ties to Europe than he would prefer.

Both Brexiteers and Remainers might consider voting the deal down during the meaningful vote, with each side convinced that such an act would or wouldn't trigger a no-deal Brexit, respectively.

If Davis's resignation rattled May, Johnson's shook the foundations of her government.

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Some euroskeptic lawmakers dream of replacing May with a staunch Brexiteer such as Johnson, a populist, polarizing figure who has never made a secret of his ambition to be prime minister.

Addressing Parliament on Monday, May told MPs that she and the two ministers were at odds over "the best way of delivering our shared commitment to honoring the result of the referendum".

Rebuffing claims that her proposals make too many concessions to the EU, May said her "smooth and orderly Brexit" would leave Britain free to make its own laws and trade deals.

"I like Theresa May, I think she's a good prime minister", Davis said.

But Parliament would oversee the UK's trade policy and have the ability to "choose" to diverge from the European Union rules. The challenge is all very well for people to say I wouldn't do this.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said Mrs May should make way for a Labour administration if her Government can not get its act together quickly.

"There are a lot of questions in here, there is a lot of unhappiness, there is a great deal of concern that we are saying that we leave - it's not "to be or not to be" it's "to leave or not to leave", he said.

The UK and the European Union have been negotiating Brexit terms for more than a year now and have been hoping to agree broad aims for their future relationship in October. May appointed staunchly pro-Brexit lawmaker Dominic Raab as the country's new Brexit secretary.

The aim of the Chequers away day had been to agree the United Kingdom position - after two years of discussion - but the resignations have put a question mark over that.

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