Published: Sat, July 07, 2018
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Sony Mistakenly Uploads The Whole Movie Instead of The Trailer on YouTube

Sony Mistakenly Uploads The Whole Movie Instead of The Trailer on YouTube

This is the second time that Sony has posted an entire movie on YouTube by mistake. On Tuesday, Sony Pictures accidentally uploaded the whole movie "Khali the Killer: Official Red Band Trailer" with the title of a teaser instead of posting movie's trailer. Well, Sony really topped that and left nothing to the imagination when they published the entire 89-minute movie. Thousands of people reportedly watched the film before it was removed from the streaming service hours later.

Trailers have always been accused for revealing too much about the plot of the film. Where viewers were waiting for around 2 minutes trailer, the studio helped them with the full movie of around 90 minutes.

It was titled 'Khali the Killer: Official Red Band Trailer' on YouTube and was obviously meant to offer fans a snapshot of Jon Matthews' crime drama, which was filmed in 2016.

Interestingly, it is available on a rental basis on YouTube itself.

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YouTube users, who missed this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, can avail the movie on rent from several digital platforms like Amazon, Apple and YouTube.

Khali the Killer is written and directed by Jon Matthews.

It stars Richard Cabral who plays the lead role of a hitman. The film was released in Germany on DVD and Blu-ray last November, but IMDb states the film will be released in the US this August. But when he begins to develop empathy for his intended targets, he's confronted with a hard decision.

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