Published: Thu, July 05, 2018
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Mexico pledges cooperation with Trump

Mexico pledges cooperation with Trump

That's where the similarities with his counterpart north of the border end. Lopez Obrador has taken hits at Trump, and analysts have warned his win could ratchet up tensions between the USA and Mexico. So tune in to find out all the latest on what this election will mean for Mexico and its relationship with the US. He aptly cashed in on the Mexican public's anger towards Trump, who throughout the Mexican election campaign season continued to criticise Mexico's immigration policies, insist that Mexico should pay for the border wall, and fuel anti-Mexican and anti-immigrant rhetoric in the US.

Speaking to reporters after his win, Lopez Obrador identified corruption as the "principal cause" of inequality and the criminal violence that has bedeviled Mexico for years, and said he would spare no one in his commitment to root it out.

"We are not going to fight".

"If Mr. Donald Trump, I say it with all due respect, does that and militarizes the border, we, in the 3,185 kilometers of border that we have in the United States we are going to make a manifestation and a human chain dressed in white asking peace and progress".

Mexico's business and political elite, who fiercely opposed Lopez Obrador's populist candidacy, have pledged to support his presidency, while the largely orderly vote in which his rivals conceded defeat quickly and gracefully is being hailed as a win for democracy. Newspaper El Financiero's exit poll gave him 49 percent of the vote to 27 percent for Anaya and 18 percent for Meade.

That violence was on many minds as television stations carried live images of Lopez Obrador weaving through Mexico City's notoriously chaotic traffic in the front passenger seat of a compact vehicle that was at least 5 years old.

But Trump's national security adviser, John Bolton, suggested that the Republican president could find common ground with Lopez Obrador, predicting "some surprising results".

O'Grady told Perino that an area where Mexico has lacked progress is in its rule of law, and more specifically law enforcement.

The victory was a vindication for Lopez Obrador, who was written off by many critics after narrowly failing to capture the presidency at his first bid in 2006.

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Several of the women anxious about Trump's tweets and about new restrictions on clinics that perform abortions. Prior to that, he served in private practice and clerked for Sixth Circuit Court Judge Ralph Guy and U.S.

Lopez Obrador's team will study labour costs as well as clamping down on corruption in Mexico's largest company.

Commonly known by his initials, "AMLO", Lopez Obrador has proposed measures like a huge increase in infrastructure spending, but it's not clear how he can do that if he fulfills a promise not to raise taxes.

Mexican presidents serve six years and can not be re-elected.

"We're looking at a shift in Mexican politics", he explained.

Mexico recorded about 29,000 killings past year, the highest annual number since modern records started being kept two decades ago. Talks between the United States, Canada and Mexico to revise the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) have been hard. The effort, she said, would help reintegrate into society some of the estimated 600,000 Mexicans employed by drug cartels.

"It's really a question of when the talks resume", Ross said.

Lopez Obrador told Televisa that he will respect the current team of negotiators, and let them continue representing Mexico until he takes office December 1.

Carlos Cardenas, head of Latin America country risk calls it "unlikely" that Lopez Obrador would "conduct a wave of expropriations/nationalisations across all economic sectors".

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