Published: Sun, June 24, 2018
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Apple reportedly aiming to launch AirPower in September

Apple reportedly aiming to launch AirPower in September

The company's devices would connect and charge without fiddly white cords and unsightly plugs and sockets.

It was rumored earlier this year that Apple would release the AirPower wireless charger in March this year but that didn't happen. First revealed during Apple's iPhone X announcement, the Californian company has since provided little information. It recommended charging hubs from Mophie and Belkin, an unusual move for the consumer-hardware specialist.

Company engineers have been toiling away to address problems. Apple intends that the charging mat should work no matter where you place the device, which means the entire mat will need charging sensors to make this work, something that is proving to be quite hard as per people familiar with the matter.

Apple didn't respond to a request for comment. That ambitious goal requires the company to pack the AirPower with multiple charging sensors, a process that has proven hard, the people said. Apple is using custom charging technology which it plans to integrate with the Qi charging standard. Fixing bugs in that firmware has been another of AirPower's challenges, though the presence of an iOS-capable chip in a charging mat raises the prospect that the accessory will also be saddled with an unrealistically high price. They asked not to be identified discussing a product that hadn't been released yet.

Apple has announced its new wireless charging device during the release of the iPhone X and Phone 8 past year, although the company insisted that it will not be available until 2018.

According to the insiders, Apple's original goal was to have AirPower on sale this month. While we may find wireless chargers across major shops and offices in a few years from now, there are still plenty of other scenarios where you would need to have a charging port on your device for charging purposes.

After all, you don't charge your Apple Watch with an iPhone adapter just because they charge in different ways: they're created to charge at different wattages. Even single-device wireless charging pads can struggle to dissipate the heat given off as a side-effect of the process: Samsung's recent Fast Wireless Charging Pads have included fans for that objective, for instance. What type of wireless charger do you use for your mobile devices?

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It needs to be ideal if Apple's longer-term ambitions for wireless charging are to be cleanly executed, mind. For many, AirPower was a logical addition to Apple's lineup of accessory.

Beyond the release date, there are still other mysteries surrounding AirPower.

The AirPower charger should bolster this business - when it finally arrives.

In respect to overheating, one of Apple's patents regarding this issue surfaced.

The delay is reportedly due to "technical hurdles" that Apple has faced with developing this product.

With the eventual launch of AirPower, it looks more and more likely Apple is pushing toward a future where their smartphones are completely portless. The earbuds came out close to the December holiday season.

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