Published: Wed, June 13, 2018
Tech | By Constance Martin

E3 2018: Fortnite confirmed for Nintendo Switch, available today

E3 2018: Fortnite confirmed for Nintendo Switch, available today

Regardless, Fortnite's battle royale is a great addition to the Nintendo Switch catalog as it brings some intense competitive play to the system.

We've also reached out to both Nintendo and Sony on the matter, to see what the hang up is here. Regardless, if you've played on PS4 and now want to play on Switch, you'll have to create a new Epic Games account wholly separate from the one tied to your PSN account.

The premise of the game is nearly identical to that of Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG), another online game that has seen huge popularity on PC and Xbox One.

While it does sound rage-inducing, we have to look at it from the PS4's perspective. "Download it, boot up Fortnite on your PS4, and the skin will be in your inventory".

Noah Feldman: The new case against Obamacare is serious
That penalty, Texas and the other conservative states argue, is so central to the law that without it, the rest can not stand. And it didn't take long for Democrats to respond to the Trump administration's new posture.

We already spoken about what to expect from Epic Games' first E3 event and what we predicted has come true. Provided Sony is responsible, it's effectively dictating where you're allowed to play using your main account (assuming the iPhone version won't cut it), not just your choice of device.

Among the participants are actor Joel McHale, NBA player Paul George, WWE wrestler Xavier Woods, and a number of others on the celebrity side, while the "gamer" side feature well-known streamer Ninja. 48 percent disagreed that cross-platform play would be a reason to buy a game they may have ignored compared to 17 percent who agreed and 49 percent of respondents disagreed that cross-platform functionality would make them more likely to play online than they now do, compared to 17 percent who agreed.

And now, it's also on the Nintendo Switch! You should now be able to change your username to your preferred original username. You'd better make sure they're worth it. Ask away in the comments section below.

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