Published: Mon, June 11, 2018
Global Media | By Garry Long

Wynne hopes Ford changes rules to give Ontario Liberals official party status

Wynne hopes Ford changes rules to give Ontario Liberals official party status

Kim Alexander is anxious. If they have not, or if they have forgotten or have lost the notice, if they are in that area, please contact the registrar's office to determine where you vote.

"I'm expecting a Conservative majority, even though the popular vote total will be very close between them and the NDP", said Barry Kay, a professor at Wilfrid Laurier University, before the media projected a Ford victory. The other counties are San Mateo, Nevada, Napa and Madera counties. However, vote-by-mail ballots that are personally delivered at any polling place in this county or at the County Clerk-Recorder's office in San Luis Obispo or Atascadero must be received by 8 p.m. on Election Day. Should I now take it with me to the vote center and vote there instead?

Your voter pamphlet has all the locations, or you can find them by clicking here.

Choking back tears, Wynne said the true joy of the premier's job is breaking free of the "jaded view" some have in politics and seeing first-hand how people are working to make the world better. Some won't be able to tell any difference.

"My polling place in Land Park is California Middle School on Vallejo and it has been a polling place for decades and people are used to just walking over there", Alexander said. Voters can then go to the voting screen and mark an "X" beside the name of the candidate they are hoping to elect.

She says duplicate ballots will be flagged and the voter will be in trouble. "I said we'll stand united against our neighbours to the south and I'm very honest when I say that".

Voting tabulators will electronically count each paper ballot that will be cast, eliminating the need for manual counting, which can sometimes lead to additional scrutiny and disagreements. There are now about 3,500 registered voters at Water and Electric who were previously there and about 3,500 voters who have been reassigned to vote at Mount Gilead Baptist Church.

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"Polls opened this morning for Ontario's transformative 42nd general election", said Ontario's chief electoral officer Greg Essensa. In the last gubernatorial election, it was 27 percent, he said.

Alexander worries that higher numbers of vote-by-mail ballots will mean more will be rejected. She led the party to a strong showing in the 2011 election but a disappointing finish in 2014 that nearly cost her the leadership.

Voters who leave off signatures or whose signatures don't match will be contacted by mail and will have eight days to provide a ballot signature, Alexander said.

It's a stunning victory for the party led by Doug Ford, whose campaign was heavy on populist promises but light on fiscal details. She also likes the requirement that counties return ballots from other counties that make it into their drop boxes.

"It's hard to gauge what motivates people to register to vote", she said.

"It could prompt an automatic second ballot to go out to the person", she said. After 15 years in power, they could not play the anti-establishment card, and their attempt to steal the NDP's mantle by raising the minimum wage, offering pharmacare for young people and promising more spending on childcare ultimately failed to catch fire.

The less fortunate, Horwath said repeatedly, were her priority. If you are dropping your VBM ballot in the mail on Election Day, get a "Circle Date Stamp" on your envelope at the mail counter.

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