Published: Mon, June 11, 2018
Global Media | By Garry Long

Florida's ag commish defends himself against gun-check lapse

Florida's ag commish defends himself against gun-check lapse

A report from the Florida Inspector General shows an employee in Putnam's office did not pull in the background checks that were run by FDLE between roughly February 2016 and March 2017. All applicants for a Florida concealed weapon license submit fingerprints that are checked against the Florida Crime Information Center database (FCIC), National Crime Information Center database (NCIC) and National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) for disqualifying offenses.

Florida's most influential gun advocate is countering reports that hundreds of people may have mistakenly received the state's concealed weapons permits without proper background checks.

Many on Twitter went after Putnam, mainly Democratic politicians and anti-gun activists. His office wouldn't say how many people might have been wrongly granted permits.

This coming a year after the Department of Agriculture's Inspector General finished their investigation in June 2017.

Department employees interviewed in the investigation called the NICS checks "extremely important", the report said, and if it came out they weren't accessed, "this could cause an embarrassment to the agency". Now, he said, there are more "eyeballs" making sure the work is complete and a "more seamless technology transfer" of the NICS background check results.

But the employee told investigators she never followed up to resolve the access issues.

The Department, meanwhile, said that it "immediately" fired the employee after becoming aware of her non-compliance with the procedure, and it "thoroughly reviewed every application potentially impacted".

Background checks on permits were still carried out through two other databases, the Florida Crime Information Center database and the National Crime Information Center database.

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"It's inconceivable Putnam's office could be so negligent, especially because the Pulse massacre in Orlando occurred during the same timeframe", Jason Lindsay, executive director of the Pride Fund, said in a statement.

He laid the blame exclusively on the employee who forgot the password had signaled the problem to another official but then failed to pursue the matter. Upon discovery of this former employee's negligence in not conducting the further review required on 365 applications, we immediately completed full background checks on those 365 applications, which resulted in 291 revocations. The Division of Licensing is housed under the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service.

In the recent legislative session, Putnam proposed legislation that would require permits to be approved in cases when an application is in limbo because background checks are inconclusive.

Spectrum Bay News 9 asked why nothing was done to correct the login issue in the first place, as the investigation revealed that the employee had emailed IT about it in 2016. "It was only on those 365 that the employee failed in her duties to protect the public".

"What's being misleadingly reported is that contrary to that", Putnam said.

"I didn't understand why I was put in charge of it", Wilde told the newspaper.

The state used the national system to see if there were reasons such as mental illness or drug addictions that should prevent someone from being issued a concealed-weapons permit.

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