Published: Sun, June 10, 2018
Global Media | By Garry Long

Israel plane fires warning to deter Gaza balloon, kite attacks

Israel plane fires warning to deter Gaza balloon, kite attacks

Lionel Messi will not be leading Argentina onto the pitch for a World Cup warm-up against Israel after the game was called off following protests by pro-Palestinian groups.

The session was requested by Turkey as the term president of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and Algeria in the name of Arab Union, a joint statement said Friday.

Addressing his fellow Palestinians, Riyad Mansour said during a press conference in NY on Friday that despite being in initial stages, he had managed to draw support for such a resolution from the "majority of members" in the Security Council.

The General Assembly meeting has been called for 3 pm EDT (1900 GMT) on Wednesday.

Al-Quds day, also known as Jerusalem Day, was established in 1979 as a sign of support for Palestinians and a protest against Israel's control of the ancient city by late Iranian religious leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

In the capitals of Iran and Iraq, thousands of Muslims marked Jerusalem Day with protests, with some chanting "Death to Israel" or burning Israeli flags and effigies of President Donald Trump.

As seen in these pictures by Reuters photographer Ibraheem Abu Mustafa, the 23-year-old staggered back with the gas-spewing canister embedded in his cheek, his shirt bloodied, before collapsing.

"Conference calls on the UK Government to condemn actions that are illegal under worldwide law, including Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land, to take an active role in implementing United Nations resolutions on the region and to lead global efforts to end the siege on Gaza".

They had very few three-pointers to speak of; in other words, they were the opposite of what the NBA is supposed to be today. In fact, not only do they have deficiencies, but they do not even have the tools or resources to resolve those deficiencies.

Although the stadium that was slated to host the match is in west Jerusalem, Mr Rajoub had complained that it is in a neighbourhood built on the site of a former Palestinian village destroyed during the war surrounding Israel's creation in 1948.

The cancellation followed protests in support of Palestinian rights.

Rajoub has long urged Fifa to expel Israel from the worldwide football federation, citing Israeli travel restrictions on Palestinian footballers and because Israel maintains teams in West Bank settlements.

Around 2 million people live in Gaza, majority the stateless descendants of refugees from what is now Israel.

"I think what happened yesterday is a red card from everybody to the Israelis to (get them to) understand that they (only) have a right to organise, or play football within their internationally recognised borders", he said in English, pointing out the final status of Jerusalem is supposed to be the subject of negotiations between the parties. Israel and Hamas have fought three cross-border wars since 2008.

Two million Palestinians have sunk into poverty as Israel and Egypt, citing security needs, clamped down on Gaza's borders.

At one location on Friday, at least two Palestinians fired guns at an army post and others threw grenades or used helium balloons and kites to fly flammable materials or explosive devices over the border, the army said. He said it aimed to "break the siege and have the world recognize our right to return". Statehood talks have been frozen since 2014.

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