Published: Thu, June 07, 2018
Tech | By Constance Martin

Gmail's major redesign will be available to all in July

Gmail's major redesign will be available to all in July

San Francisco: Google has introduced an "early adopter programme (EAP)" for its newly designed Gmail with features like Gmail offline and nudging.

Google then will allow a four week period for users to opt in to the new Gmail.

The company says it will start automatically migrating Gmail users to the new web experience eight weeks after general availability.

In April, Google unveiled a new design for Gmail, which features a more modern look, advanced security features, artificial intelligence, and more integrations with other G Suite apps. In September, they'll lose that option and be forced to use the new design whether they like it or not. That's a good thing, as Google plans to completely switch to the new look in the future, taking away the option to stick with the older appearance. In the meantime, Gmail urges users to begin testing the new Gmail. G Suite refers specifically to Google's business line of software. G Suite users will need to wait for the admin or IT person to make it available to them.

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This is the default setting.

It is to be kept in mind that the Opt-out option will not work after roughly 12 weeks following the GA announcement in July, after which every user will be integrated into the new Gmail experience.

However, now we see no reason why regular Gmail users would be excluded. The opt-out will also no longer be available to users who've moved to the new Gmail already. According to Gmail, more details surrounding the transition will be announced.

There is also a new feature that allows you preview attachments without having to fully open them and the addition of a new taskbar will integrate with Google Calendar, Google Keep and Google Tasks allowing you to keep notes of appointments and tasks.

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