Published: Wed, June 06, 2018
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Arizona cops believe killings of two paralegals and forensic psychologist are linked

Arizona cops believe killings of two paralegals and forensic psychologist are linked

Besides the Ramsey case, Pitt's investigative work included helping Phoenix police seek the Baseline Killer.

"We started to see that Mr. Jones was visiting them in an effort to right some wrong", Chief Slavin said, adding that the suspect had probably meant to kill Ms. Jones's lawyer.

Per Fox News, the yet-unidentified man who was found dead at the Extended Stay Hotel in Scottsdale was a prime suspect in four fatal shootings in Scottsdale in Phoenix. No officers were hurt or fired their own weapons, Phoenix Police Sgt. Vince Lewis said.

At some point during the incident, law enforcement gassed the room and sent a robot in.

Detectives felt confident Jones was the suspect, based on the similarity of the shell casings as well as security camera video that placed Jones' gold Mercedes near Pitt's office and the law firm, Slavin said.

His ex-wife, Connie Jones, said in a statement Monday that her ex-husband was an emotionally disturbed person.

"Personally, I have feared for my safety for the past nine years", she said. "I can not express the emotions I feel for the innocent families touched by this senseless violence", she said.

In the early morning hours of Monday, the police arrived at the Extended Stay America, guests told AZcentral. No one else was injured, Lewis said. They told him to stay in his room.

Hoster did not say how the deaths of Pitt, Sharp and Anderson were thought to be connected or address why the three were killed.

The first victim, 59-year-old forensic psychiatrist Steven Pitt-known for his work on the 1996 killing of child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey-was killed last Thursday.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, forensic psychiatrist Steven Pitt was killed outside his office Thursday. Their identities have not yet been released, and it's unclear what links they might have to Jones. Both women worked as paralegals.

The ex-wife and the couple's son were unharmed in the rampage. Slavin said investigators think Feldman was the real target but was not in the office that day.

Jury Awards $4 To Family Of Man Killed By St. Lucie Deputy
If the motion is denied, he said, he will file an appeal. "I think they were trying to insult the case", Philips said. The jury awarded Hill's family just $4: $1 for his funeral expenses, and $1 for each of Hill's three children.

He threatened to "knock" his wife's "head off" and "put his hands" on her, called her a "dead piece of" excrement and said, "I'll take you out to the. pool and drown you", according to court records.

Police had initially confirmed the first three murders were related but were working to find a connection to the fourth.

Scottsdale police received a call at 12:10 a.m. Saturday about a man found fatally shot inside an office. The suspect killed himself Monday, June 4, in a Scottsdale hotel room, police said. The shooter escaped, but police released a description and a sketch.

Pitt was set to be buried Monday.

We appreciate the efforts by Scottsdale and Phoenix police department and all law enforcement who helped protect the public during this risky spree. We are also not the only ones grieving.

Feldman was not believed to be at the office when paralegals Veleria Sharp, 48, and Laura Anderson, 49, were gunned down.

The lack of answers in the investigation left many legal and mental-health professionals with a sense of unease as they prepared for the workweek.

Enzo Yaksic, a criminal profiler and founder of Atypical Homicide Research Group at Northeastern University in Boston, said serial murderers are generally motivated by a desire for revenge - "angry and resentful individuals who believe they are settling a grievance for perceived or actual wrongs and blame others and the systems they represent for their problems".

The Washington Post was unable to reach the law firm where the paralegals worked.

Judge Susanna Pineda, who handled the case in family court, was provided a security detail outside her home after she was notified of her connection to the suspect. But he didn't let his cases dominate his personal life.

Yet he casually welcomed a group of frenzied reporters into his office to discuss an ongoing case while clad in a crisp white dress shirt paired with a pair of hiking shorts and boots. "We had that proof", Slavin said at the news conference.

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