Published: Thu, May 31, 2018
Sports | By Brett Lawson

Rudy Giuliani booed by NYY fans on his birthday

Rudy Giuliani booed by NYY fans on his birthday

Instead of cheers, the crowd booed at the mention of Giuliani's name.

But when the Yankee Stadium fans heard "The New York Yankees wish a very happy birthday to Mayor Giuliani", they responded as New Yorkers often do: with a loud and passionate chorus of boos.

The rough treatment is likely related to Rudy Giuliani's new role as the attack dog for Donald Trump.

Yankee fans gave Rudy Giuliani the Giancarlo Stanton treatment.

Giuliani, who was celebrating his 74th birthday, was at the stadium with his son.

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After the apocalyptic attack on New York City on September 11, 2001, Mayor Rudy Giuliani became known as "America's Mayor" and earned the title of Time's Man of the Year in 2001.

With four out of five New Yorkers voting against Trump, it's no surprise that those in attendance were less than enthused with their former mayor's allegiances.

The Yankees were down 5-1 at the time of the birthday announcement and would go on to lose by that score.

Giuliani, of course, recently joined President Trump's legal team and has often defended the President on different television segments. He also found himself the subject of taunts as he visited a NY hotel where Trump was holding a fundraiser.

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