Published: Wed, May 30, 2018
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Things You Probably Missed In The Epic Pokemon Let’s GO Switch Trailer

Things You Probably Missed In The Epic Pokemon Let’s GO Switch Trailer

The game will support drop-in and drop-out co-op for two players, and can connect to Pokemon GO so you can bring your Pokemon Go team into Pokemon Let's Go. The game will release on November 16th exclusively for Nintendo Switch and will be quite different from core games that have released on previous consoles. The new game, which appears to take inspiration from the Pokemon Rumble series, is called Pokemon Quest, and the official Pokemon Twitter account has a lot to say about it. Because that's what Pokemon needed to finally break through and find mainstream popularity. The new games will also be able to link up with the smartphone app via Bluetooth to transfer pokemon caught out in the real world from players' phones to their Nintendo Switch.

Alolan Pokemon were first announced for Pokemon GO last week, and Niantic has now made at least one Alolan Pokemon go live in the game. Event items earned in Pokemon Go such as Ash's hat will not carry over to either Let's Go game. The series will comprise two halves of the same game in Pikachu and Eevee versions.

A new page has gone up where you can provide your email to specifically get news and info on Pokémon for Switch.

All set for fairy-tale final between Knights and Capitals
Now that the Capitals - and Golden Knights - have that team, McPhee will be there each night to see one of his teams lift the Cup. Tuch and Haula have been spectacular this season for the Golden Knights while Dumba and Brodin have been underwhelming at best.

Along with a new Switch controller in the shape of a Poke Ball, the variety of gaming scenarios involving the various gadgets and games might risk befuddling many adults, but will make ideal sense to kids and Pokemon-generation gamers.

As of now, only the original 150 Pokemon will be available in Pokemon Let's Go, suggesting that more could be added via DLC.

It'll be free-to-start, according to the official Pokemon account.

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