Published: Tue, May 29, 2018
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Roman Abramovich Finds Crafty Way To Visit Chelsea Amid UK Visa Standoff

Roman Abramovich Finds Crafty Way To Visit Chelsea Amid UK Visa Standoff

Another Israeli newspaper, Israel Hayom, reported on May 24 that Abramovich had chose to seek Israeli citizenship after facing problems with getting a British visa.

Consequently, Abramovich chose to leave the country and take up citizenship of Israeli, where he is eligible to live due to the Law of Return which allows followers of the Jewish faith to move to the country.

Incidentally, with his new citizenship, Abramovich has instantly become Israel's richest person - and perhaps he'll find it easier to get back into the United Kingdom as an Israeli citizen.

Israel passport holders are allowed to enter Britain without a visa for short stays.

The Nativ Liaison Bureau, which facilitates immigration from Russian-speaking countries, said Abramovich applied for citizenship from overseas last week.

Joe Skipper  Reuters                   Abramovich's little boat
Joe Skipper Reuters Abramovich's little boat

His UK investor visa reportedly expired some weeks ago but the British government has refused to comment on his individual case. "He filed a request to receive an immigration permit, his documents were checked according to the Law of Return, and he was indeed found eligible", a Ministry of Interior spokesperson told Channel 10 news.

According to an Israeli media report, Abramovich took Israeli citizenship on Monday and will move to Tel Aviv where he has bought a property.

He is a frequent visitor to Israel and bought a hotel in Tel Aviv in 2015 that reports say he has turned into a residence.

The Sunday Times Rich List put Mr Abramovich's wealth at £9.3bn, and he is now the richest man in Israel.

Having amassed a huge and controversial personal fortune through dealings in the Russian oil industry in the 1990s, Abramovich acquired Chelsea in June 2003 and has invested well in excess of £1 billion in the club, bankrolling a 15-year run that has brought 15 major trophies to Stamford Bridge.

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