Published: Tue, May 29, 2018
Medicine | By Daryl Nelson

Good news for people who like to sleep in on the weekends

Good news for people who like to sleep in on the weekends

Those involved with the data said when people who get less sleep during the week slept in on weekends, their mortality rate was the same as those who get 7 hours per night. People who slept for fewer than the recommended seven hours each weekday, but caught an extra hour or two on weekends, lived just as long as people who always slept seven hours, the authors reported.

"They sleep as much during weekdays as during weekends whereas the difference is huge in lower age groups", he explained. Short sleepers slept for less than five hours per night, medium sleepers about seven hours and long sleepers for nine or more hours per night. Across the week, older people had more consistent and more often sleep over a shorter time span.

Your pets may be pestering you to get up and feed them, and your spouse may want you to get started on that honey-do list, but tell them you're sleeping in this weekend.

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And could even help you live longer. They might sleep six hours or slightly less.

This study relied on people to describe their own sleep habits, which can generate a "mish-mosh", in Lauderdale's view, of "accurate and less accurate information". "This suggests that short weekday sleep may be compensated for during the weekend, and that this has implications for mortality". "If you eat OK during the week and you splurge a little on the weekend, you probably aren't hurting your health, but if you eat crap all week, no amount of Brussels sprouts or kale that you eat on the weekends can make up for that", he said. Monday was found to be the day of the week when people feel the least energetic. The performance of sleep-deprived individuals was no different among those who reported feeling alert and those who said they felt exhausted.

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