Published: Sat, May 26, 2018
Global Media | By Garry Long

Parents sue 30-year-old son to move out of house

Parents sue 30-year-old son to move out of house

Neither did the lure of independence, or the weight of his 30 years.

Judge Donald Greenwood on Tuesday ordered Michael Rotondo to vacate his childhood bedroom in his parent's Camillus home.

Rotondo was frustrated with the judge and said in court Tuesday that he didn't think the judge fully read the case.

He said: "I would consider much of what they were doing to try to get me out as attacks, and what I was just, you know, trying to preserve - well, trying to do what's best for me, which is trying to be a little more reasonable". "I mean, that creates all kind of problems in the era of Airbnb". Those notes followed discussions that began last October.

The written notices included an offer to give Michael Rotondo $1,100 to help him find a place to stay and an offer to pay for the repairs of a broken auto left on the parents' property. It's one thing to live rent-free.

"This is especially true for any weapons you may have", the letter adds. "You need to be independent".

Rotondo's parents went so far as to even offer to pay for their 30 year old son's health insurance, with Rotondo explaining that he couldn't take that money because it would compromise getting the "poor person" status. He tried to take the podium up with him.

In the time that he's been at home, Rotondo said he's never been expected to contribute to household expenses, assist with chores or the maintenance of the property.

Rotondo would have to move out, the judge ruled.

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Michael Rotondo said he does have a job, but wouldn't answer any questions about the line of work he's in.

The parents chose to seek legal counsel and served another letter on February 13 telling Michael he had 30 days to move out or they would seek legal action. At one point, he referred to them as "the petitioner". Rotondo is calling his parent's effort "retaliatory".

Michael argued he should have been given six months' notice before being ejected.

The neighbors in the area are siding with the parents.

Rotondo told HLN he did not know why his parents have pushed for him to leave so quickly. But he says it's not that simple.

A judge urged Michael Rotondo to move out of his family home in Camillus, near Syracuse in NY, on his own accord.

The judge also asked adult protective services to check on the case.

Since he still refused to leave, his parents filed for an ejectment proceeding to end what some might call a failure to launch.

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