Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
Tech | By Constance Martin

Microsoft Introduces New Adaptive Controller For Accessible Gaming

Microsoft Introduces New Adaptive Controller For Accessible Gaming

Microsoft has now announced the Xbox Adaptive Controller today that allows many people with disabilities to play video games.

We work closely with Companies and directly with players who have limited mobility to assist in our development.

Microsoft has developed an adaptive controller designed for Xbox gamers with limited mobility.

The idea is to make the controller usable with as many disabilities as possible, and the Xbox Adaptive Controller is created to act as sort of a hub that manages the various other controllers it can be attached to. While this means it won't be an all-in-one solution right out of the box for many, it does make it possible to address a wide range of physical needs rather than just one. Eventually, the controller passed to the next phase where the designers had to change how they look at the controller and made a decision to build it first party rather than farming the design out to a third-party device maker, despite having no clear idea how many Microsoft might sell.

Solomon Romney, who was born without any fingers on his left hand, has already taken the Adaptive Controller for a spin.

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According to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, the two large buttons featured on the pad are fully reprogrammable, so that users can map them to any of the standard controller's input buttons by using the Xbox Accessories app. More recommended partner devices can be found here.

Spencer says the Adaptive Controller "has been years in the making" and is a "passion project".

The adaptive controller will retail for $99.99 and will be available exclusively through the Microsoft Store.

KitGuru Says: What SpecialEffect and accompanying charities do is fantastic, but they often work in an unofficial capacity to make the interactive experience accessible for all. "With so many factors to be considered - comfort, safety, positioning, equipment selection and mounting - this first-party product provides a terrifically versatile and effective way of connecting our game setups to the console".

What Microsoft ended up with is a value priced hub of sorts that limited-mobility gamers can connect all the specialized gear they might need to play whatever they want.

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