Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
Global Media | By Garry Long

Pilot 'Sucked Halfway Out the Window' After Cockpit Windshield Breaks

Pilot 'Sucked Halfway Out the Window' After Cockpit Windshield Breaks

A Sichuan Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing on Monday when the windshield of the aircraft blew out and the co-pilot was reportedly sucked halfway out of the cockpit. The plane was at 32,000 feet in the air about 80 minutes into the flight when the incident occurred, the Chengdu Economic Daily reported.

About 27 passengers sought medical assistance after the plane made an emergency landing in Chengdu, China, though airline officials say none appeared to be seriously hurt.

According to the pilot, Liu Chuanjian, the plane was cruising at altitude when the unthinkable happened. "Luckily his seatbelt was tied".

None of the 119 passengers on-board the Airbus A319 were injured, but some of those evacuated from the aircraft on the ground complained of tinnitus. He was sucked halfway out of the airplane's rapidly depressurizing cockpit and survived. The co-pilot's seat belt, he said, saved him. A quick-thinking flight attendant grabbed Lancaster's legs as he was flying out the window and held on.

While freezing air was blasting into the cockpit, Liu struggled to maintain control of the turbulence that was throwing the plane into chaos.

"The windshield cracked suddenly and gave a huge bang". Most of the equipment was malfunctioning.

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"The sudden loss of pressure and low temperature made me very uncomfortable and it was very hard to make a single move when the aircraft was flying at 900 kilometers (560 miles) an hour and at such a high altitude", Liu said, according to the Morning Post.

"We didn't know what was going on and we panicked", a passenger told the state-run China News Service. Oxygen masks dropped. The plane dropped for a few seconds before it "stabilized again". "People were shocked", the agency quoted an unnamed passenger as saying.

'I'm still nervous. I don't dare to take an aeroplane anymore.

In recent weeks, window-related accidents on planes have resulted in one death and four other emergency landings.

Fox News said that the Sichuan Airlines incident is the sixth time in one month where there have been airline window problems.

The incident came almost a month after a woman died after she was partially sucked out a window that broke during a Southwest Airlines flight in the U.S.

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