Published: Fri, May 11, 2018
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Khloé Kardashian's Boyfriend Tristan Just Revealed What Their Daughter Looks Like

Khloé Kardashian's Boyfriend Tristan Just Revealed What Their Daughter Looks Like

Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian pose for a photo as his birthday party at Beauty & Essex in Los Angeles on March 10, 2018.

Tristan Thompson has spoken out for the first time since Khloe Kardashian gave birth to their baby girl amid accusations he'd cheated on her.

On Thursday, Kardashian said on her website, "So far, she's so incredibly sweet and patient - really not fussy at all".

Meanwhile, his newest addition - who was born on April 12 - is keeping her activity to a minimum.

Khloe Kardashian has kept pretty quiet since giving birth last month, but it looks like the star is ready to get back under the spotlight.

"I can't wait to tone up once more and get my physique again to the place it was", she added. So it looks like Tristan is hoping for at least two or three more youngsters! In fact, he didn't mention Khloe at ALL during the entire interview.

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But the little girl has yet to overwhelm her parents, as Tristan joked: "Baby True is eating, sleeping, and uh, s--ing... That's all they do", he said. "That's all they do". "She's getting pretty fed up with the "noise" about Tristan, and no matter what people say she will make her own decisions". "[He's] jumping on a little trampoline", he explained.

And when asked if he's "done" with having kids, Tristan hinted that things are okay with Khloe now when he revealed that he'd like to expand his brood. "You'll be alright, man. Stop crying, '" Tristan said. But [with True], it's like, "True, it's gonna be OK". Daddy's here to feed you.

'It's way different, but it's fun, though, ' he said.

While some may argue that he sounds somewhat disinterested throughout the talk, he is in the middle of a playoff run while raising two children under the age of two because, let's not forget, he also has a child from a former relationship.

"The family privately feels they may never forgive Tristan, but they're not going to attempt to torpedo the relationship", a source revealed.

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