Published: Tue, May 08, 2018
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How to Create Amazon Alexa your main voice assistant on Android Telephones

How to Create Amazon Alexa your main voice assistant on Android Telephones

Microsoft is looking to its Alexa-Cortana integration partnership - announced a year ago, but still only available in limited closed preview (with no final ETA date available) - as one way to try to get Cortana working on more devices, such as Amazon's Echo.

During a demonstration at the Build 2018 conference today (May 7), Microsoft and Amazon showcased how Cortana and Alexa could be opened on the same smart speakers.

When Alexa was asked "What do you think of Cortana?" on a Windows 10 PC, the AI assistant responded "I like Cortana". The idea is that Alexa is mostly used at home, and Cortana is mostly used at work, so people should be able to use both from the same device for different tasks.

A few months back, Microsoft and Amazon made a relatively big splash as the two competing companies announced a partnership involving their digital assistants.

Perhaps, though, what Microsoft really wants is to benefit from Alexa's momentum.

This demonstrated the two companies' eventual goal of ensuring both can access the key advantages of the other's personal assistant, whether it's on PCs or Echo devices. But the only other option was to opt for Microsoft's Cortana (if you have the Cortana app installed).

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The companies have been quiet on the partnership since its initial unveiling, and they didn't debut the Alexa-Cortana service by the end of a year ago, as they originally said they would. Taylor then booked a ride through Uber to his destination.

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At the time, users were demoed using handoff triggers to utilize both Alexa and Cortana in a weird 3-way conversation example.

Microsoft said that the digital assistant integration is now only available in a limited beta but those interested can sign up here to receive an alert when it goes live.

Either way you choose to access your settings, you will see a list of available assistants.

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