Published: Fri, May 04, 2018
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Amazon, Jay-Z creating docu-series on Meek Mill

Amazon, Jay-Z creating docu-series on Meek Mill

Kraft visited the rapper three weeks ago in a Philadelphia prison before he was released April 24, and has shown his support for Mill, saying he's an "amazing" and "intelligent young man".

Just last week, Meek Mill was serving a two- to four-year sentence at Chester state prison for a technical probation violation, before being released on bail by order of the state Supreme Court.

Mill, whose name is Robert Rihmeek Williams, has become friends with several Sixers stars and met with players and team personnel before and after the Game 5 win in Philadelphia.

The original conviction dates back to 2008, when he was found guilty of drug and gun charges, but the whole case is now under review due to a local police corruption scandal. His own imprisonment had inspired him to speak out about criminal justice reform. "Although Meek was wrongfully convicted, his sacrifice must be a learning moment for all of us by highlighting the national need for immediate criminal justice reform, starting in Pennsylvania", said Michael Rubin, 76ers Co-owner. It may have worked for Meek, but the rapper explained how others who are on probation and struggle with addiction, often suffer in silence out of fear.

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Acclaimed rapper and media mogul Jay-Z is set to produce an upcoming investigative docuseries from rapper Meek Mill and Amazon Prime Video.

The series claims to expose flaws in the USA criminal justice system and has been produced by Roc Nation and The Intellectual Property Corporation (IPC). "Meek's story of being incarcerated needs to be told and we will have incredible access that takes Prime members beyond the headlines and into his world".

The series is produced by The Intellectual Property Corporation in partnership with Roc Nation, investigative journalist Paul Solotaroff, and documentary filmmaker Isaac Solotaroff. It will also feature rap artist's music.

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