Published: Thu, May 03, 2018
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Plano teen accused of planning ISIS-inspired attack at Frisco mall

Plano teen accused of planning ISIS-inspired attack at Frisco mall

Azizi-Yarand has been charged with criminal solicitation of capital murder and making a terrorist threat. Azizi-Yarand had already sent out almost two-thousand dollars to purchase weapons and tactical gear and was trying to recruit others to join him in the horrific plot, authorities said. He also reportedly wrote a "Message to America", which tried to defend his plot.

"I'd like to thank the FBI's North Texas Joint Terrorism Task Force and the Frisco and Plano Police Departments for their efforts in this case and their vigilance in protecting the citizens of Collin County".

Azizi-Yarand stated he had planned to wait until he turned 18 to conduct an attack so he could purchase the rifle himself, the affidavit said. Officials were alerted to the plan when they found Yarand's "manifesto", that gave more information to the planned attack. The FBI is not aware of any additional threats associated with this arrest.

He sent the source documents and propaganda, including a document authored by Eric Harris, one of the attackers in the 1999 shooting of Columbine High School, the affidavit said.

Azizi-Yarand discussed plans to fire into a crowd, set stores on fire, and make a cop "surrender and drop his gun" so he could "douse him with gasoline and burn him" with a confidential Federal Bureau of Investigation source, who tipped off investigators and assisted the police to make the arrest.

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When the source questioned the teen's training, he responded that an Islamic State member told him, "Guns are simple, just open fire". "School is a flawless place for an attack". "Even a blind man could take 10 easily".

In multiple conversations with the FBI's source, Azizi-Yarand allegedly said that he hoped to travel to Pakistan, and then cross the border into Afghanistan in order to officially join ISIS. He told the sources that he had learned the layout of the mall and had been observing patrons and security there. They planned to kill the mall's police officers first.

"The FBI's North Texas Joint Terrorism Task Force was able to successfully work with local, state, and federal partners to apprehend an individual who meant to do harm within the city of Frisco, Texas". "The brothers in Europe the brother in Spain the brother in NY?"

Azizi-Yarand is behind bars on a three million dollar bond.

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