Published: Fri, April 27, 2018
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Report Calls For Sweeping Changes To NCAA Men's Basketball

Report Calls For Sweeping Changes To NCAA Men's Basketball

No surprise there, because the real job of NCAA chief Mark Emmert and his cronies is to keep the money flowing. "This is a pace of decision making that the association's really never done on this kind of scale before".

Replete with biting criticism and sound recommendations, the Commission on College Basketball's report to the NCAA on Wednesday was what you'd expect from luminaries surveying a target-rich enterprise. It also acknowledged the NCAA will need help to make some changes and defended its amateurism model, saying paying players a salary isn't the answer.

"We support NCAA policy and enforcement reforms that will better safeguard the well-being of players while imposing greater accountability on representatives and programs that fail to uphold the values of the game", National Basketball Association commissioner Adam Silver and NBPA head Michele Roberts said in a joint statement on Wednesday. The NBA seems to be moving toward benching the rule, but it probably won't happen until the 2020 draft at the earliest.

"One-and-done has to go one way or another", Rice told the AP. Reduce the influence of third parties and increase the ability of college coaches to interact with recruits and current players.

The commission believes the so-called "one-and-done" era has contributed to college basketball's problems and wants the draft age lowered in 2018.

Others may take a while longer to debate.

One of the most highly touted players of his recruiting class, Bowen had committed to play for Pitino at Louisville - but then came the federal case, just before the start of last year's college basketball season.

"I heard some good things today", said Ridpath, a professor of sports management at Ohio University. "Even rules, like changing and how we can manage timing of issues around the draft".

But the issues that are eating at the underbelly of college basketball are rooted in the tremendous amount of money at stake for almost everyone involved - except the players, of course. There are no real new ideas, and the ones voiced - mostly about forces outside the NCAA - will be hard, if not impossible, to implement.

"As they talk about in the report, college basketball is a huge business".

That's because the issue is still tied up in the courts.

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Emmert said the council is already forming subgroups to deal with the targeted areas the commission is expected to address, with the goal of having legislation ready to be presented by August in time for next season.

Rice and company declined to say whether athletes should be allowed to profit from their names, images and likenesses.

A high-profile panel of basketball minds and a former top USA diplomat had a message for the NCAA: Get it together.

Rice revealed Wednesday in Indianapolis the commission's findings and recommendations as she described the sport being in a state of "crisis".

One high-profile effort will be working with the National Basketball Association to change rules that allow the current "one-and-done" system, although not all schools necessarily regard "one-and-done" as the most pressing problem.

Dr. Tomika Ferguson, an assistant professor in the Department of Educational Leadership at Virginia Commonwealth University, said she was elated to see the commission's report focus on the student athletes and on ethics.

Notre Dame President Father John Jenkins was part of the Rice commission.

One of the most prominent points of interest within the press conference was the idea of getting rid of the "one-and-done" rule, which requires any player to at least play one year of college basketball, or in the least wait one year before joining the NBA.

"Too often, these individuals hide behind the NCAA when they are the ones most responsible for the degraded state of intercollegiate athletics, in general, and college basketball in particular", the report says.

The Commission is recommending an end to the one-and-done rule, banning cheaters for life and changes to the relationship between the NCAA and apparel companies.

The commission, led by former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, released a detailed 60-page report Wednesday, seven months after the NCAA formed the group to respond to a federal corruption investigation that rocked college basketball.

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