Published: Thu, April 26, 2018
Sci-tech | By Jackie Newman

Amazon Alexa Tricked By Security Researchers To Keep Listening

Amazon Alexa Tricked By Security Researchers To Keep Listening

Amazon also includes one year of FreeTime Unlimited with the Echo Dot Kids Edition.

Parents can choose any combination of multiple options for their kids.

FreeTime gives users "family-focused features" and new parental controls that adults can use to restrict what their kids can do with Alexa. FreeTime Unlimited is normally associated with a monthly cost, (which starts at $2.99 for Prime members) so getting it for free for a year with the Echo Dot Kids Edition is kind of a steal.

It has a two-year guarantee and one free year of Amazon's parental control feature.

Amazon has taken the wraps off the Echo Dot Kids Edition, a more rugged, locked-down version of its puck-sized Echo Dot smart speaker that vows to make it harder for children to make accidental purchases. These include time limits, explicit song blocking, activity reviews, a magic word feature that requires kids to say "please" to get results, educational Q&A functionality, and more.

Those who are new to FreeTime Unlimited can sign up from Dollars 2.99 per month.

The Echo Dot Kids Edition features a colorful case of either red, green, or blue and provides access to kid-friendly content.

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The Echo Spot, the latest addition to Amazon's Echo line-up in India, does everything that the Alexa assistant manages on the other Echo speakers, and, in fact, moves the interaction a level higher by including a visual element.

Amazon's Alexa will teach children to mind their Ps and Qs in response to fears the voice-activated Echo speakers were leading children to bark orders.

The idea of an Echo Dot Kids Edition may seem silly at first, but it actually looks like an interesting device for children.

The program brings parental controls to all Echo devices at no cost. Parents can also set time restrictions on their kids' Echo usage, block explicit songs from playing on Amazon Music through the Echo, and view their child's Echo activity and voice recordings.

The Kids Echo Dot is the same product but housed in a brightly coloured rubber bumper case.

Yes. Using FreeTime, you can specify times on an Echo device for when Alexa will not respond to your child's commands.

There's also a Parent Dashboard, which lets you see what the kids have been up to, and delete the kids' voices if fraction-second voice snippets are a worry.

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