Published: Wed, April 11, 2018
Global Media | By Garry Long

Poland welcomes victory of anti-migrant Orban

Poland welcomes victory of anti-migrant Orban

Transparency International Legal Director Miklos Ligeti said for the time being it considered Halasz' comment "a political declaration made in the heat of an election victory".

At a news conference with global media two days after cruising to his third straight term, Orban said his government had already drawn up a "Stop Soros" package of legislation.

With 99 per cent of the votes counted, Orban and his right-wing populist Fidesz party has won 134 seats in the 199 seat parliament, with the second largest party - far-right nationalist Jobbik - only claiming 25 seats.

Hungary should thus serve as an important lesson for other European countries: growing inequality and social tension may undermine the foundations of democracy and spark a revolt against the elite, enabling the rise of antiestablishment (and, in the Hungarian case, antidemocratic) forces that promise to do away with the status quo.

George Soros, in turn, has repeatedly criticized Viktor Orban's government for its policies and called the campaign against him a "deliberate misrepresentation".

"Orban has more backbone and character than all the cowards of the European Union combined", Geert Wilders, chairman of the Dutch anti-Islam Party for Freedom said in a tweet in April 2017.

German news agency dpa reported that Seehofer warned the European Union against a "policy of arrogance and paternalism" and said bilateral ties with European Union countries are always important even when there are differences.

'If the dam bursts, if the borders are opened, if immigrants set foot in Hungary, there will be no going back, ' Orban said during his campaign-closing rally on Friday.

Missiles fired at military airport in Homs: Syrian media
Then, within days the USA military fired cruise missiles at a Syrian airfield where the sarin attack had been launched from. SANA reported that the missile attack on the T4 military air base in Homs province resulted in a number of casualties.

He said in Munich that "nothing is stronger confirmation than success at the ballot box".

"We created the opportunity for ourselves to defend Hungary", Orban told a rapturous crowd.

Fidesz plans to step up its crackdown of civil society groups, one of the last remaining sources of scrutiny into Orban's government along with the remnants of independent media.

An anti-Communist hero to many, Hungary's longest-serving prime minister Viktor Orban has veered far from his formative liberal views to become a staunch opponent of immigration, admired by the far right across Europe.

He added that after the Hungarian election "it is up to Germany and France, along with all member states that aren't counting on indifference, to weigh in unambiguously on the basis of the European treaties to neutralize this tumor of values".

Soon after the election victory, the ruling Fidesz party said it could now push on with legislation to crack down on organizations promoting migrant rights after parliament is formed at the end of April.

Fidesz and its small ally, the Christian Democrat party, won a two-thirds majority, which is enough to make changes to the constitution. "We have achieved a decisive victory".

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