Published: Sun, April 08, 2018
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Update On The Undertaker's WrestleMania 34 Status

Update On The Undertaker's WrestleMania 34 Status

The Match: Cesaro and Sheamus (c) vs. Braun Strowman and TBD for the Raw Tag Team Championship. Once The Bludgeon Brothers are out of the way, The Usos and The New Day can continue their impressive rivalry. Which matches on the card are ones you can't afford to miss on Sunday? We've got to have the Yes Kicks, and the Yes Lock, and the Yes chants. This unusual but deadly alliance can bring shockwaves through The Bar and the entire RAW tag team division.

Analysis: How does Strowman lose this, even if he's by himself?

The late addition of Rusev to this match is a curious decision by the WWE.

However, WWE may choose to put the Battle Royals on to the DVD, especially with the Women's Battle Royal being the first one ever, this could massively help soothe any potentially upset superstars but no word from the WWE yet as to whether this will be the case. And while it's been just over eight months since the injury occurred, we all know how WWE injury timetables can be a bit exaggerated. Plus, with everyone thinking that Nia Jax will dominate Alexa Bliss, it makes sense that Bliss retains her championship. This match could really go either way. Roode is the former United States champion. But after years of seeing specialists, going through tests, and working hard to get back, he's now been medically cleared to return to the ring. And then you have Rusev. Part-timers eventually leave the ring - and just like that, the company has wasted its single biggest marketing night on a cast of characters who won't be back again, forsaking its day-to-day stars in the process. So what gives? Happy Rusev Day. A match people will talk about for a long time.

The Miz has elevated the Intercontinental Championship to new heights and will be looking at WrestleMania to be his victory lap following a stellar 2017. But he deserves a break. And the matches between those two will be phenomenal.

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Allegations of bribery over the deal dogged the governments of both Zuma and one of his predecessors, Thabo Mbeki. What have I done? "For me he is innocent until a court finds otherwise", Durban resident Thembi Sibiya told me.

A number of matchups at this year's WrestleMania could go either way, but these are the top three with the biggest bust potential. Bryan and McMahon "hugged it out" and it was a reminder of the divide between these two men. But let's not downplay the fact that Owens and Zayn deserve this spot. There was speculation that he would turn heel.

The match between John Cena vs The Undertaker will be a once-in-a-lifetime moment for every member in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) universe; but, will it finally happen? For example, this year's US title match is actually the one with the least fanfare, featuring three wrestlers that inspire little fervor (Randy Orton, Jinder Mahal, and Bobby Roode), plus one fan favorite (Rusev). And The Undertaker will probably win. It was believed that the Undertaker would show up at least once before the WrestleMania. We'll find out Sunday.

And the excitement seems to have got to Browne as he seems tempted by the thought of being Braun Strowman's tag-team partner. They have built her up as the 2018 version of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

"I think it's pretty sweet, it's the most unique place I've ever been, I've been to a couple of places, I can't pronounce any of the food, I've never seen anything like this", said WWE fan Rich Klutman. Nakamura should get the win.

We know the pre-show will have the Cruiserweight title mate, and both battle royals, but with such a talent-heavy card - how is it going to be structured? Nakamura is due for a title reign. Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns are expected to cross paths again as well.

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