Published: Thu, April 05, 2018
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Intel halts microcode patch development for 230+ CPUs

Intel halts microcode patch development for 230+ CPUs

According to the chip manufacturer, the Intel Core i9 mobile CPUs will be 29 percent faster than the current Core i7s.

He believes that the "insourcing of chips could benefit Apple by not being dependent on Intel's processor cycles, by lowering the Mac costed bill-of-materials by ~$40-50, and by potentially streamlining and reducing R&D spend".

However in updated guidance on its microcode plans [pdf], Intel revealed it had decided it would no longer provide fixes for a number of older processors.

The initiative, code named Kalamata, comes as part of a larger strategy to make all of Apple's devices work more similarly and seamlessly together.

If Apple were to go ahead with this project, it would be a defining moment for the company. For example, the Bloomfield processors in question are high-end first-generation models: the Intel Core Processor Extreme Edition i7-975 and i7-965, and Core i7-920, 930, 940, 950, 960 (alongside Xeon offerings). Apple announced that it has slowly been integrating different operative systems to iPhones and iPads in order to slowly separate the classical Intel processed hardware from the purely Apple designed one.

By moving even the Macs over to Apple chips would mean Apple would then have full control of when it would want to release upgraded versions of the computer, rather than having to rely on when Intel would upgrade its chips.

The latest processor has been created to push the limits of performance for mobile computing.

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An update published on Monday includes for the first time a "Stopped" production status.

With the change in the hardware, if it happens, Apple will be making changes to the software also by making the suitable updates to make the devices operate seamlessly with the iOS operated devices as well.

On following you can find the specifications of the new seven models. The company is also planning to add this chip to new Mac laptops this year. (AMD), lagging far behind.

The company has been releasing microcode updates for the flaws at staggered intervals over the past month.

Intel processors are now found throughout the Mac line of laptops and desktops.

The move from Apple would be the latest blow for the once dominant chip maker.

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