Published: Mon, April 02, 2018
Sci-tech | By Jackie Newman

Overwatch's 'Uprising' event returns in April

Overwatch's 'Uprising' event returns in April

King's Row Uprising goes live on April 10th to PC, Xbox, and PS4. The city was heavily damaged in the attack, and Overwatch, going against orders, sent in an elite team to deal with the uprising.

While Overwatch has repeated events before (such as Halloween Terror, Winter Wonderland, and the Lunar New Year) they've always added new things that changed how the event was played out the year before.

However, that may not be entirely true.

Blizzard is preparing for its next big in-game event for the competitive online multiplayer shooter Overwatch. It also gives those that missed out on the previous event a chance to earn those skins that they have previously missed out on.

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30th you'll be able to fight off the omnics, score some new cosmetics, and try to get every achievement before the event is complete. The seasonal event will also feature the return of more than 100 loot box items that reveal the stories of the original members of Overwatch, while bringing in some new items for the second run. Until April 10, however, all we can do is wait and speculate with excitement.

However, upon closer look, the teaser video actually contains some secret clues.

What do all these clues mean? "File 00382 - King's Row Uprising" appears to change to what fans believe says "File 00274 - Blackwatch Archives". That remains to be seen, but one of the more popular theories is that the upcoming event may show the moment when the Blackwatch team betrayed the rest of the Overwatch. That sounds like a better name for an annual event that is focused on Overwatch lore, and eliminates confusion with the Overwatch League team of the same name from Boston.

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