Published: Sun, April 01, 2018
Sci-tech | By Jackie Newman

Google is shutting down it URL Shortner next year

Google is shutting down it URL Shortner next year

Google announced it is shuttering its URL Shortener service ( in favor of Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL). The company says that new and anonymous users won't be able to create links through the console as of April 13th, but existing users will be able to use it for another year, after which it will be discontinued completely. The existing users of console can manage all their short links and their analytics through the console during until March 30, 2019. Dynamic Links are free forever, for any scale.

When Google introduced its URL shortener in 2009, it came at a time when the web wasn't littered with similar services. First, it was used for Google Toolbar and Feedburner, but it became and opened up to the public in September 2010.

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Google also noted that "all links will continue to redirect to the intended destination after March 30, 2019". This deadline applies to registered Developers as well. After this period, all links will continue to redirect.

Now you might not have heard of this tool but we are sure you have encountered it once or maybe more. "As we look towards the future, we're excited about the possibilities of Firebase Dynamic Links, particularly when it comes to dynamic platform detection and links that survive the app installation process", Hermanto stated. "We hope you are too!" In short, FDLs are a far more robust solution for short links than previous deep link versions and a better all-round solution in general. Those like me who have been using it for years, on the other hand, might want to share their thoughts on the upcoming dismissal of the service and - if it's not a secret, obviously - tell us about their favorite alternative.

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