Published: Wed, March 28, 2018
Sci-tech | By Jackie Newman

Weapon skins and two new crates are now live in PUBG

Weapon skins and two new crates are now live in PUBG

Like any good survival experience, "Fortnite" will herd players into the battle bus and drop them off an island without any tutorial whatsoever. However, if there was one game that would be able to break this barrier, it would be the record breaking battle royale game from Epic Games.

For now, fans are equally unclear what may make the weapon "tactical" but some have suggested it will be a Scoped Burst Rifle, something already available in the games Save The World version of Fortnite.

Bots are commonly known among the gaming sphere as third-party programs utilized to make a task easier, or to automate it entirely.

While the former is still a bit up in the air as to a resolution, the latter at least is being worked upon.

This system even auto-swaps lower-tier body armor, backpacks and helmets for higher-tier ones that you run near.

The pack is a pretty good value if you're looking to spend money on the game.

Jesus victor lifts Brazil past old adversaries Germany
The Samba boys have sent out a message, they want their World Cup title back and all this tonight without the injured Neymar . Toni Kroos starred in the 2014 semi-final win by scoring twice to put Germany 4-0 up after just 26 minutes.

A lot of things have happened in the world of PUBG in the past year.

Brendan "PLAYERUNKNOWN" Greene, the creator of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and CEO of PUBG Corp., was featured in a session at GDC 2018 yesterday.

Also, it does get a little hard as there are elements that aren't easy to focus on, playing on a small screen. All of this automation helps cut down on how much you need to manually organize your inventory, and if you don't like this process, you can completely disable it. One big issue on mobile shooters is getting the aim right, and it's the same story here. You can see what those looks like in the images below. It gets a little tricky to get proper coordination. You can go solo, duo or as a crew with three of your friends. Fortnite still feels like an early release, albeit an extremely playable one, but PUBG Mobile feels closer to a finished product.

There has been a lot of talk about cross-play compatibility between games these days. Now, as you keep defeating bots in the game, it trades off those bots with real actual players letting you really put your skills to the test. In a press release, PUBG Corporation has announced that PUBG Mobile is now the #1 most downloaded game in over 100 countries for both iOS and Android! This game is not about the tactical realism instead it is about each game that encourages us to do in the world.

Actually, we didn't, and took on some more rounds to find that the game is not as bad as one would think. Every single day, Fortnite rises above all other video games as the most searched for. The gameplay is engaging and nearly every feature works without a hiccup.

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