Published: Wed, March 28, 2018
Tech | By Constance Martin

Sea of Thieves Death Cost has been told to walk the plank

Sea of Thieves Death Cost has been told to walk the plank

The notes for Sea of Thieves' first big update have been released, an update that's almost 20GB depending on the platform. "Letting everyone know we've heard the feedback and the proposed "Death Cost" in #SeaOfThieves is, well, dead", Neate wrote.

Originally, there were plans for the Captain of the Ferry to deduct a small gold fee if the player died during quests.

Today will see Sea of Thieves undergo a maintenance window (between 9am and 2pm on March 27), during which an update will become available to download.

The feedback was immediately and nearly overwhelmingly negative. Many players anxious this kind of additional cost would just encourage griefers to stalk other players, killing them over and over and making it almost impossible to accumulate in-game gold.

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According to the release notes, this update drastically reduces the likelihood of tearing when players are inside taverns or when using the small ship, features sizeable framerate improvements when traversing large islands, and optimises Foliage for smoother experience in overgrown jungle areas.

Even with that caveat, plenty of players were still concerned the idea would be a change for the worse. "If you don't have rights for playing it, you'll need to get it at the Microsoft Store".

This much was announced by Rare executive producer Joe Neate, with the developer revealing the cancellation of the Death Cost in Sea of Thieves by way of a tweet. Thanks for the feedback here.

It turns out that the developer somewhat fumbled its messaging for the Death Cost, and it wasn't actually going to charge gamers for dying in PvP conditions as originally feared.

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