Published: Sun, March 25, 2018
Tech | By Constance Martin

Local anti-gun violence march set for Saturday

Local anti-gun violence march set for Saturday

Every time I walk into school, a question enters the back of my mind: Will something bad happen to us today? As many as 3,500 were expected for Oakland's demonstration.

Like much of Pennsylvania, York County has high rates of gun ownership and strong hunting traditions. "When I was 8, I was given a.22 rifle".

"I was born in 1999, so I was born when Columbine happened", Reese said.

Carmen Hill, 17, a Great Mills senior, said Willey had been in her fifth-period American Sign Language class. "And I feel like I made a difference when I was here in December".

"I am so proud of these young people for standing up and doing something in a matter of months that people of my generation have spent decades trying to accomplish", Crane said. And he would gladly give up his most powerful weapon, despite its sentimental value, to promote safety. ACLU of Utah says they will have 15 legal observers on site, their largest deployment in several years.

For the roughly 100 students, alumni and parents from Great Mills who emerged from the escalator at the L'Enfant Plaza Metro station on Saturday, the march had a raw immediacy.

National Nurses United (NNU) was only one of many unions that welcomed this weekend's marches. Many lawmakers have left town for two weeks, raising the prospect that any momentum from the march could fade before they return to work April 9.

The most recent school shooting to grip America and elevate the topic of gun control to new heights occurred on February 14 when gunman Nikolas Cruz entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. and opened fire on students and faculty leaving 17 dead and 15 wounded.

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'Anybody who's in high school right now has been growing up on school violence, he said. Instead of just CT and four other states, let's implement state and federal laws that enact similar ERPO components like the one in CT.

Most of the time, this question stays in the background. We need to unite across political parties.

"As nurses dedicated to healing and alleviating human suffering", said Ross, "the focus must begin with prevention, and the urgency of stopping gun violence before it occurs".

In Washington, a group of several dozen protesters in tactical gear and bearing a "Don't Tread on Me" flag stood by Federal Bureau of Investigation headquarters, conversing with march demonstrators and enduring the occasional yell or middle finger. All in all we must be concerned with the growing trend of mass shootings and their movement into schools all over the country as we search to address and correct whatever the causes may be for these heinous acts.

Although details on stricter gun control vary, activists generally are calling for legislation they hope will curtail mass shootings. We anticipate more responses on this article, and welcome them. In Indianapolis, thousands of students and their supporters rallied at the Indiana Statehouse.

I'm curious whether you intended the article as an op-ed piece or whether perhaps you had originally intended for it to appear in the local business section of the paper. I've grown up around people who hunt. And check back for full coverage of Saturday's rally in St. Louis. Sonora High Sophomore Nevaeh Pletcher detailed why she took to the streets, "Because I believe that everyone should have a voice and we shouldn't be put aside".

"Let's listen to the kids, let's follow their lead, and they're right, we should be protecting them and not guns", said Haughton, a mother of three.

While Landis can't vote in the mid-term elections, she said politicians should pay attention to this movement. But the focus is not just on school violence. At what point to do you have to have order in society and say, "Tough".

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